The 8 programs that I install first when I buy a PC or laptop

For many users, starting up a new computer is a joy, while for others it is a real ordeal. It all depends on our needs and love for technology to enjoy the moment to a greater or lesser extent.

While for a good number of people starting with a new computer is starting a companion that will be with us for many years, others prefer to avoid it. Those who are not interested in technology at all, but are forced to work with a PC, surely they are not so happy. In addition, at that moment we have to prepare the equipment with the most important programs that we are going to need from now on.

The 8 programs that I install first when I buy a PC

In this way we can start working as soon as possible with our new computer and its corresponding applications. It is true that the most used operating system on these computers, such as Windows, offers us a series of pre-installed software solutions, the so-called UWP applications from the Microsoft Store. But in most cases, users prefer to do without them and opt for their own selections. Next, we are going to talk about a series of applications that are usually installed first on a new computer .

Office and productivity programs

One of the main uses that we give to our computers as a general rule is everything related to office automation. Hence, a suite of these characteristics will never hurt and we will surely need it on more than one occasion, even daily. In the event that we do not want to spend more money, we can always opt for the free open source option LibreOffice . This offers us everything necessary for this type of work and is also fully compatible with Microsoft Office files.

LibreOffice 7.4

On the other hand, another program that we cannot ignore and that we are surely going to need is one for working with PDF . One of the best solutions for this is Adobe’s Acrobat Reader . Likewise, we cannot leave aside the photo editing sector, for which the open source product GIMP will be very useful for us.

internet applications

By default Windows brings Edge as the default browser, but surely most prefer to use Google Chrome . Not surprisingly, this is the most widespread software in this sector by far.

In addition, it will not hurt that we have a client to download Torrent files from the first moment. For this we can use the qBittorrent software.

qbittorrent torrent trackers

Multimedia software for PC

In the same way we must also cover everything related to our moments of leisure with the computer. This means that we need a powerful player that allows us to watch our favorite videos as well as listen to music. This is something that we can easily cover with the popular VLC .

Listas reproducción VLC

In turn, sometimes we will need to perform some editing tasks on this video content. A free program that should not be missing from our team is Lightworks .

Beware of security

Obviously here we cannot leave aside everything related to security and privacy when working with our PC . Windows comes with an antivirus already pre-installed, which in most cases will be more than enough. But with everything and with it as a complement we can also opt for the well-known security program Spybot Search & Destroy .

Spybot Search & Destroy interfaz

From there we can also install more specific applications for the different types of use that we are going to make of our PC.