An iPhone without ports or with USB type C, what will come first?

An iPhone without ports or with USB type C

Just a few weeks ago Apple presented its new iPhone 13 . Some phones that come to the market with the traditional Lightning connector, which has characterized the mobile phones and other devices of this manufacturer for many years. Something that has its days numbered in Europe, where it could be doomed to provide a USB Type-C connector.

And logically there are many unknowns that open up in the future of the Californian firm, because although this imposition of the single charger is exclusive to Europe, it can unleash a cascade effect that leads it to change it in all markets.

USB type C, the easiest step for Apple

Basically, if Apple wants to continue selling its iPhone in Europe, it will have to choose to integrate the USB type C connector in these. Manufacturers will now have two years to be able to adapt their devices to this new standard, and that is the time that the brand has to be able to adapt this new standard. But make no mistake, this would be nothing new, because more and more Apple devices have the USB type C connector.

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In fact there are several iPad that already have this connectivity. Therefore, it would not be so difficult for the brand to adopt it on its phones, although that would logically imply giving its arm to twist. Therefore it is the most likely option , since Apple could even afford the possibility of marketing it in Europe with the new connector, and keep it the same in the rest of the world, with the Lightning connector.

An iPhone without ports? Least likely

This is another of the possibilities that has been being considered in recent months after knowing the choice of the European Union about adopting USB Type C as the only charger in the entire territory of the member countries. An iPhone without ports could be a good alternative to avoid having to opt for Type C, maintaining certain innovation and differentiating itself in the market.

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But this would mean the need for Apple to dramatically improve some of the features of its phones. An iPhone without ports would basically charge wirelessly , so they should be creative in improving it, as there would be no need for the physical port. The problem is that today iPhones do not have competitive wireless fast charging. This has a power of 15W, although there are more and more Android phones with loads of 50W or 65W of power without cables. Therefore, in the short term, opting for a model without ports does not seem to be the best option for iPhones. And by the way, we would like to see one of these iPhone without ports when the phone neither turns on nor charges, what options would we have to recover it.

So what will happen in two years?

Logically we do not have a crystal ball, but if we stick to the certainties, such as that there are already several Apple devices with a USB type C connector, it is most likely that the brand will adopt it in its models from 2023 in Europe.

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Now, we cannot rule out that perhaps some of its high-end phones, the Pro basically, can flirt with that idea of a phone without ports. But seeing the slowness with which Apple innovates lately, it is to be expected that those from Cupertino will give their arm to twist and bend to the Type C connector, now, the question will be to know if it will be extended only to Europe or to all regions .