Alternative EMUI apps to forget about Google

Alternative EMUI apps to forget about Google

If there is something that has become a martyrdom for lovers of mobile telephony, it is the situation of Huawei . That brand that stood out above the rest thanks to its versatility and affordability has been relegated to uncertainty.

The breakdown of relations between the Chinese company and Google not only meant (at that time) the end of Android for Huawei devices, but also that applications as basic as YouTube could not be used. Although currently certain alternative apps can be found in EMUI that supplement them perfectly.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud

Surely on more than one occasion you have saved a large number of files in Google Drive . With the paradigm shift, this software cannot be used on Huawei terminals, but with HUAWEI Mobile Cloud it is possible to store your data in a totally secure way.

Huawei Mobile Cloud

The application also allows you to make a backup copy in the cloud to avoid any type of information loss whatever the reason. In the same way, you can transfer the data to another device whenever and wherever you want.


Google Lens provided the user with a fast and efficient way to identify any kind of element. HiVision is the alternative created by the brand to make us forget the one designed by the American company.

The operation is literally the same. HiVision is capable of scanning any object for different purposes. Either to translate a text or provide detailed information about any product. However, it is only available for a limited number of smartphones, so to analyze a QR you will need other options.

Petal Maps

Thanks to Petal Maps, it will no longer be necessary to use a third-party GPS to guide us through the streets of our city. It is true that it does not have as much information as that provided by Google Maps, but it still supplies its characteristics very well.

Petal Maps

With the application developed by Huawei you will get access to a much cleaner map in terms of content. It is based on guaranteeing easy navigation with certain additions such as road traffic. The app still has a very short time, so it is expected that over the years it will begin to offer a greater number of functions.


Huawei has its own virtual store where it distributes applications created by third parties. In it you will find a huge amount of software that you can download. Although they are not as extensive as in the Play Store, you can come across quite useful apps and the like.

In addition, it has a very powerful security system thanks to its four-layer threat detection so that any application you download is completely safe.


This software that is already installed at the factory in certain models gives you the possibility of saving any type of card so that you have quick and accessible access to each one of them.

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In this way you can use your phone for absolutely everything and without any problem that prevents you.