All the ways to expand the memory of the mobile

If your mobile has begun to run out of space or is running slower than normal because the RAM of your smartphone has run out a bit short, you may have to look for some other alternative so that your mobile works as when you took it out for the first time. instead of the box. Luckily for us, there are different ways to expand your space, and we are not just referring to your internal storage.

It is clear that the easiest thing is to buy a microSD and insert it, but what about those phones that do not have the possibility of inserting an external memory card? For this reason, we will tell you all the methods that we can use to increase the memory of a smartphone. And it is that nobody wants their phone to be slower and its performance to be so bad that we feel like throwing the device in the trash or buying a new one. It’s never too late to follow these steps and get it to work as well as the first day you used it.

All the ways to expand the memory of the mobile

First of all, clean your mobile

If the phone’s memory is overflowing, the first thing we should do is delete the mobile data that we no longer need . More than anything, because the only thing we get by retaining those apps, images, files… that we no longer need is that the terminal works much worse due to lack of space.

In this case, the first thing will be to eliminate the applications from the smartphone, the best thing will be to uninstall the software that we do not use, you can do it directly from the desktop if you have them there. You just have to hold down on them and drag the application to the Uninstall option. Although, from the global section of the apps within the settings it will be much easier to see all the tools that we have installed and delete them one by one.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to get rid of an app, you can always delete its cache and all its data from Settings> Applications and notifications > see all> enter one> Storage and click on the delete buttons. In this way, the software will be totally clean.

desinstalar aplicaciones Android ajustes

Another good way to gain space is by deleting all the photos, videos and documents that we have saved in the cloud through a backup or those that we have already transferred to a computer or external hard drive. In this way, we will gain a lot of space, since the multimedia files are what will occupy the most on the mobile. Above all, those who have sent us from apps like WhatsApp.

However, the most direct way that we will find will be resetting the terminal and leaving it to its factory settings. It is clear that nobody wants to delete everything that comes on their smartphone. But it never hurts to have this alternative if in our case the space is so tight that the terminal goes to ‘pedals’. Therefore, to recover a large part of the smartphone’s storage, we must go to Settings> System/About the phone> Reset options> Erase all data (these steps may vary depending on the customization layer of our phone, as well as the operating system you have).

How to expand RAM?

After knowing how we can completely clean our mobile of all those files that we do not want. It is time to know the different methods that we can use to increase the memory of the mobile. It is clear that to do so you will depend on the terminal’s software, as is the case with virtual RAM tools, which have become fashionable in the last year.


There are many terminal brands that have chosen to include this option in their settings. This function is the only way that we would have within our reach as users to expand the RAM of the mobile. Physically, it is impossible for us to add more memory of this type in the terminal. It is not as simple as in the case of computers, since in these devices you can open them and increase their capacity.

For this reason, manufacturers have begun to implement this technology with which it is possible to use part of the internal storage to increase the RAM memory of the smartphone.

memoria RAM virtual

The easiest way to check it will be by going into the settings and looking for virtual RAM or similar. And it is that, depending on the layer of the smartphone, the section will be called in one way or another. In any case, we must find a function that tells us that we can use part of the phone’s internal storage to get more random access memory on our device.

Expansión memoria RAM OPPO

And the storage?

Unlike RAM, the internal memory of the phone is easier to improve, since there are several ways to do it depending on the characteristics of our phone.

Use a microSD

The main method with which we will be able to gain space on an Android mobile will be by using external memory cards . Although we find some smartphones that do not have the slot for this accessory, most still do have this advantage. And the best of all is that we can not only pass our images and videos, but we can also pass our apps so that they are not in the internal memory of the device.

However, we will not always be able to use the ones with the largest space, since no matter how much we want an external 1 TB card, we must take into account what is the maximum capacity that our terminal supports . For example, on our site you can quickly find your phone file, and within the storage section you will see the maximum capacity it supports (as you can see in the following image). In addition, you can also see the type it accepts, that is, the compatibility it has.

tarjeta memoria nm card microsd huawei

Once you have a card inserted you can send your apps and files. In the case of the software, you must go to Settings> Applications> Select one of them and then touch the option to move to the microSD card. In the case of multimedia files, you must enter the browser of your smartphone or Gallery, select what you want to transfer and choose the option to move it to the external memory.

use the cloud

You can always opt for cloud services . In addition, there are many free options. One of the most used is that of Google, which offers us up to 15 GB to save everything we want, not only in Photos but also in Drive. Although, it is not the only option that we can take into account, since many brands such as iPhone, Xiaomi or Huawei offer free storage in their respective clouds. So it doesn’t hurt to take a look and use it. In this way, we will gain space by saving photos, videos and other files that we have in the internal memory of the smartphone.

Subir archivos a la nube

If you choose to checkout, these are the best options you will find on the market:

  • MEGA: 500 GB for €9.99 per month
  • Dropbox: 1TB for €9.99 per month
  • OneDrive: 100 GB for €2 per month

External hard drive

This solution is less practical, since we will not always be connecting an external hard drive or flash drive to our phones to gain space on the mobile. For this reason, we leave you this alternative in case you do not have the alternative of inserting a microSD card in the smartphone. The key here will be to know if the terminal is compatible with USB OTG. To buy it we leave you the following app, since not all Androids are compatible. In the case of iPhones, we will need to have the Lightning connection, so we will have to have a specific accessory.

Then, we only have to connect the micro USB or type C cable to our phone and the other connector to the hard drive. Later, we will have to use a browser to control everything that we want to transfer. In the case of iPhones we can use the Files applications and in Android, the Google Files app.