How to solve the problems to turn on a Realme mobile

There are not a few Realme users who never turn off their mobile, either because of the habit of putting it on charge before it does or because they cannot be without the phone. So they only do it when they run out of battery, that’s when the terminal receives the well-deserved and recommended rest that we have to give it from time to time.

solve the problems to turn on a Realme mobile

That is why, when it is time to turn on the smartphone, many find that it is impossible for them to do so or that it simply costs or takes time to start. For this reason, we are going to see why this happens on Realme mobiles and how we can solve it. More than anything, because ignition problems are common, as well as being one of the most frequent repair requests in technical services.

However, if we have problems turning on a Realme mobile , before making an appointment with the specialist, there are several things we can do to fix the problem.

Why doesn’t it turn on?

The main drawback that we face in this situation is that it is practically impossible to know the origin of this failure . It is clear that if we have wet the phone, it has been dropped or the battery was on its last legs… there will not be much more mystery.

realme GT Neo2 en una mesa

However, if none of these circumstances has happened to us, and even so we do not know what could have happened, it is important that you take into account any of the following situations or actions: we have opened the bootloader of the smartphone, we are pressing the wrong buttons or We have changed the ROM of the phone to one that is not compatible.

In other cases, with the Realme UI diagnostic tool , we could find out quite quickly and easily what is causing the power-on error, but since we cannot start the terminal, we will have to move on to the following solutions.

how to fix it

One way or another, we will be able to resurrect our Realme phone. If we don’t know what the fault is behind our smartphone having stopped turning on, the best thing we can do is try a series of methods with which we will probably get it to start up normally again. Although, the problem could be both hardware and software. Therefore, we will see different methods for both situations.

Combine these buttons

The first half that we will have to do to try to turn the mobile on , if the screen is black or locked, is to hold down the Power and Volume Up buttons for at least eight seconds to restart the device. If the phone does not respond, we will have to charge it for 30 minutes and try again.

Is it the fault of the screen?

If the Realme does not turn on, it may be mainly the fault of the screen. Try to look at it in a thousand ways, even put it under a spotlight. Well, in some cases, the main problem is the brightness of the smartphone panel. Basically, this problem causes the display light to be so dim that it appears to be off.

A good way to test whether it is on or not is to try touching various parts of the screen to see if it makes a sound, or call us from another smartphone to check if it sounds or vibrates.

connect it to the computer

In case you didn’t know, when we connect a smartphone to a computer, the PC will emit a sound that will indicate that it is correctly connected. If so, it will mean that it is still working, so the problem could be with your panel that does not turn on.

use another charger

Before we get to the worst, try another charger that you have at home. Chances are the one you’ve been using forever has broken. So, before proceeding with the following methods, use another cable. In addition, we also recommend that you connect it to other outlets, because these elements of our house can also be damaged.

hard reset

If we still cannot get the mobile to turn on, it is possible that the software or some of its vital files have been damaged . This can happen during some OS updates or even be caused by a malicious app. To try to perform a Hard Reset and get the phone to boot again.

realme boton encendido y volumen

  • With the phone not starting or with a black screen, we must press the power button and volume down at the same time.
  • If we are lucky and the Realme logo appears, we release both buttons.
  • We choose the English language.
  • With the volume keys we place ourselves in Wipe Data and with the power button we accept.
  • We place ourselves on Format Data and accept.

Protective cover or case

In case we are using an unofficial protective case, we must remove it, since it may not fit the size and specifications of our Realme and, therefore, block the optical sensor and cause the screen to always remain black, since it is preventing turn on properly.

realme GT con funda

Likewise, sometimes the cutout of the power button can be too thick and prevent its correct activation. We must do the same and remove the cover to press the power button without hindrance and see if the mobile turns on.

Try safe mode

Some virus may have gotten into our phone, so it could be the main culprit that we can’t turn on the Realme . To do this, we must enter Safe Mode and delete the latest apps and files that we have downloaded on the Chinese device.

If we want to enter this mode. If in your case you cannot get the panel to turn on, but it does emit sound, you must press the power button, and four seconds later, press the volume down button at the same time. Instead, if you can’t even see safe mode, you’d better move on to one of the following solutions.

broken power button

A drop, the passage of time, or a manufacturing defect can cause the power button to stop working . If we notice any of the following, it may be due to damage that requires button replacement.

  • It is broken, sunken or loose.
  • The power button requires more pressure than usual to produce any effect.
  • The key is not in its place, revealing the interior of the mobile.
  • The button does not work, it does not respond to our pressing.

If it is the fault that it has stopped working, you can try connecting the charger to the mobile . Some smartphones boot up on their own when plugged into power. If it doesn’t work for you, try connecting it to your computer. From there, we can use the adb reboot command to boot the device.

Dead battery

Sometimes we blame the software or, as we have seen, the power button, without noticing that the battery may be to blame for the problem . If the battery has ‘dead’ it means that it will not charge and therefore will not allow the mobile to turn on.

cambiar bateria realme

It is also possible that it allows us to turn it on only when connected to the current, but turn it off when disconnected. But, when we get it started, we can check the health of the battery with the Play Store Ampere application. Within this app, we will be able to know if it is in good condition or if it is bad.

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On the other hand, if you cannot see the health of the battery, in this situation we can only request confirmation from the Technical Service to know for sure if we need another battery.