All the bugs and errors detected in iOS 16

The iOS 16 beta has been with us for a week, more than enough time to know what is the best of Apple‘s new operating system, but also what are the bugs that need to be fixed in beta 2 of the Cupertino software.

Go ahead, we are fully aware that this is a beta version of the system and, therefore, it is common for us to find a few problems that will disappear from the final version of iOS 16 . In fact, that is what beta versions are released for, to detect all these errors and bugs so that when the software is released to the general public, you are 100% sure that nothing is going to fail (spoiler, this is never like that ).

All the bugs and errors detected in iOS 16

The good news

Apple has made it very clear that this is going to be a beta with very few bugs . To achieve this, it is going to join forces with all the developers who test the software by adding a pop-up window that appears on the iPhone when a system failure occurs. This way, when the phone restarts, locks up, or crashes outright, the user is prompted to submit a crash report. By pressing the share button, you allow Apple to have the necessary data to avoid this error in successive versions of the beta.

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In addition to thinking about the future, the reality is that the first beta version of iOS 16 has turned out to be extremely stable for most of us who have tried it. Almost all apps that run on iOS 15 also work fine on iOS 16 and there aren’t too many bugs, at least when we compare this new iteration of the software to those released years ago.

The bad new

On the other side of the scale we have the negative, that is, the usual bugs that usually appear in this type of early software versions. Some are the classics, such as battery problems or app crashes, and others are more peculiar.

  • Excessive battery consumption : There are not a few users who have complained, forgetting that they are working with a beta version of iOS, that their iPhone now consumes more energy than normal, reaching 20% in around an hour. After consumption stabilizes but it is clear that it is not something normal.
  • Low Battery Alert When Not: Other Saurians complain that the low battery alert appears when they still have a good percentage of unspent power.
  • iPhone overheating : Surely this is related to the previous problem, since the more heat, the more battery consumption and the more battery consumption, the more heat emitted inside the phone.
  • Camera not working : Some users, especially iPhone 13 Pro Max, have complained that the camera app only shows a black screen.
  • Interrupted animations : It is appreciated when opening and closing applications and the performance “freezes” when we have been using the iPhone for a long time
  • Apps that do not work: We have said before that almost all apps work perfectly in iOS 16, but there are exceptions. One on which the most complaints have been poured is VK. It’s not that it’s used much in Spain, but if you have problems with it, such as not being able to publish a new entry, browse the service normally, it’s impossible to save the image you like on the iPhone or, directly, the app closes , that you know that the problem is not only yours.

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Of course, the fact that these bugs are reported by those who have already installed the software does not mean that all or any of them will appear if you update your mobile. In fact, your experience with the iOS 16 beta may be perfect.