Alexa Routines Support Different Wake-up Phrases: How to Create Them

Alexa Routines Support Different Wake-up Phrases

Amazon has introduced an improvement in the use of its voice assistant routines that may seem like a small thing, but it will be very useful for all those users who live with others and who have trouble remembering which command activates each one. of them. We talked about using multiple wake-up phrases for Alexa routines.

Different phrases to activate Alexa routines

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If you have a smart speaker from Amazon or compatible with their voice assistants, you should already know what the Alexa routines are and how they work. One of its key characteristics and almost more important when it comes to getting the most out of them on a day-to-day basis.

Well, now the company has introduced a function that, although not super innovative, does represent a significant improvement in the daily use of Alexa routines. It is about the possibility of using different phrases to activate the routines .

That is, if you have one that when theaters “Alexa, cinema mode” turns on the living room lights with a certain color and intensity, turns off others and even starts the sound system and television to which you have a Fire TV connected, now you can also set other additional commands in case there is always someone at home who instead of saying that ends up saying “Alexa, cinema” or “Alexa, cinema mode” or any other phrase that is not exact.

Thanks to this and taking into account how the rest of the family members or roommates usually ask them to activate certain routines, the interaction with the Amazon assistant improves. As we say, it is not a change that will mark a before and after, but it does have enough weight to facilitate its use by all who live within the same household.

Because one of the biggest problems in home automation is that device configurations, associated names, routines, etc., are usually made by a single user and according to their criteria. But the best commands are not always chosen to launch each of the available options.

How to Add New Trigger Phrases to a Routine

To add new activation phrases to a routine that has already been created or that is going to be created, you will not have to complicate yourself at all, because basically it is to go to the part where you enter the activation command and there you will see an icon with the + symbol. pressing will open a new box for you to enter this new phrase.

However, these would be the steps to follow in both cases:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device
  2. Go to the More section
  3. Now access the Routines section
  4. If you give to create a new one, when you go to the When you say section you will see that you can use different phrases. If it is already created, tap on View / Edit in the When section, now add the new phrases
  5. Clever

As you can see, everything is very simple. So now is the time to review all your routines and if there are any that give you problems because you do not remember the activation phrase you used well or it is not remembered by other people who live with you, add what you usually say.