Choose Wisely … Stereo Speakers or Minijack?

Choose Wisely ... Stereo Speakers or Minijack

Years ago we would have had no reason to write a topic like this, because we would never have had to choose whether or not to have a minijack connector on our mobile phone. But now it is, and maybe if we are going to buy a new mobile we will find ourselves in that dilemma about what is better, to have stereo speakers or a minijack connector?

And it depends a lot on the use that you are going to give the phone to choose one option or another, if you have no choice but to sacrifice one of these functions on your new mobile.

Do you have to choose?

That is what will happen to us the moment we realize that the phones we like offer only one of these functionalities. And it is not strange, because there are more and more mid-range and high-end mobile phones that do not give us a choice, and leave us without a minijack connector.

Móviles con altavoces estéreo

Although in turn they allow us to have stereo speakers, something that is not common to find in all mobiles either. Therefore, if you find yourself in that dilemma, the choice can be simple. Since if you choose a mobile with stereo speakers you will always be able to choose to connect the headphones via Bluetooth . Therefore, in this way you will be able to enjoy quality sound in both cases, when you want to use headphones and when not.

What do you get with a minijack?

Well, although we can have Bluetooth headphones through which we can listen to our content in the most comfortable way, there are two factors to take into account.

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And is that a cable headset is, first, cheaper than Bluetooth, at least a priori . And secondly, if we want to enjoy the best sound quality and we are purists in this regard, are we going to need a minijack without a doubt?

And with stereo speakers?

In the event that you do not have a minijack and you settle for Bluetooth connectivity, you can opt for a phone that has stereo speakers. And this choice is closely related to your use of the phone. Since if you are used to watching your content without headphones, the audio provided by stereo speakers is well above traditional solutions with a single speaker.

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If you are one of those who consume content in this way, it is clear that you should choose a phone with stereo speakers, because the change is abysmal compared to a traditional phone in this regard. And also, you can continue to connect the headphones through Bleutooth, although the initial outlay for one of these headphones may be a bit higher.

When in doubt?

Choose the stereo speakers clearly, you can always listen to the headphones not only with Bluetooth, but also with a mini-jack adapter to USB type C or microUSB . And in return you will have a spectacular sound when you watch content, listen to music or, very importantly, when you play too. So if you find yourself in this situation of sacrificing something, the choice should be simple, and we have already given you many clues.