AirPods Pro: Bugs Collected in the Free Repair Program

The AirPods Pro are one of the most interesting headphones that Apple can have on the market now. Both for its price and for the active noise cancellation that makes many users who have opted for it. But it is not a perfect device since there are several problems in AirPods that require Apple’s attention that are currently covered by a free repair program. We tell you all the details below.

Metal noise, the worst bug in the AirPods Pro

Many users continue to have various problems with their AirPods Pro although several months have passed since its launch on the market. This forces the Cupertino company, as we have discussed previously, to have a totally free repair program open. In our own experience we have had these problems on two different occasions, having to turn to the company in order to find a solution.

AirPods Pro: Bugs Collected

In particular, we have found problems related to a click that could be heard inside the headphones. This ended up being a real nuisance so the most logical thing was to solve a repair and in many cases it ends up being completely replaced. While another problem that can occur are noise cancellation problems, losing bass sounds or an increase in background sounds.

And the truth is that the experience with the program has been more than satisfactory with a fairly good speed so that you do not spend a long time without having the AirPods. That is why if you have any of these problems, we recommend that you join the program.

How to request AirPods repair

To be eligible for the repair program, all you have to do is contact the company itself . The most convenient thing to do is to do it over the phone so that you can be contacted by the technical service. After making an attempt to solve it through different steps related to the software, such as restoring the AirPods Pro or unpairing them from the iPhone, the repair will be requested. You have several options that will be tried to better adapt to your situation. One of the most recommended is the collection by courier at your own home. For this you must prepare both the case and the two headphones without pads and also without any type of cover that you can use on a day-to-day basis.

Once you have made the shipment, you can follow all the progress through the tracking number that is provided or through the company’s website. Once the repair has been processed, you will see an email with the decision that has been made and the tracking number of the new shipment. All this without having to pay absolutely anything and immediately, the repair taking around 2 days always depending on your location and the holidays in between. Although, we talk about repair but usually they end up replacing them with a reconditioned equipment.