How to Control How Much You Play FIFA: Game Time, Packs and Points

How to Control How Much You Play FIFA

If you are thinking of controlling your long FIFA sessions and looking to put some order in the consumption of envelopes and FIFA Points, EA has a hidden tool in the game settings that allows you to set limits so that you do not play too much. In addition, if you are looking to reduce the number of matches, you can also set a limit, being able, for example, to control the use of FIFA by the youngest members of the household.

What is Playtime?

FIFA Tiempo de juego

FIFA has an option disabled by default that is responsible for recording all your movements in the game. This means that we can always know very precise details of the time we spend in the game, being able to have a perspective of how many hours a week we put into the game and how many envelopes and FIFA Points we consume . The details that can be obtained are the following:

  • Number of envelopes consumed in the current week
  • Weekly average of envelopes consumed
  • FIFA Points earned in the current week
  • Weekly average of FIFA Points acquired
  • Time spent playing FIFA on console / PC
  • Time invested in the Web Application (Web app)
  • Time spent on the mobile application
  • Weekly average time spent in the game
  • Number of games played this week
  • Weekly average of games played

How to activate Playtime

FIFA Tiempo de juego

To activate this function you will only have to go through the game settings. You can do it from the game itself or by accessing the configuration settings of the Ultimate Team web application. The option will be deactivated by default, so you will have to activate it manually so that it begins to count the minutes and the games. These are all the possibilities you have to activate the function:

From the game:

  • Launch FIFA.
  • In the main menu, go to the Customize tab.
  • Enter the Game time section and complete the process to activate the function.

From the game (option 2)

  • Start FIFA
  • In the main menu, go to the Customize tab
  • Enter the Online Settings section
  • Select Privacy Settings
  • Activate the Share usage data option

From the web app or mobile application

Tiempo de juego

  • Launch the app
  • Enter the Settings section
  • Activate the Game time option
  • Enter the Game time option

How to put a limit on weekly matches in FIFA

Tiempo de juego FIFA

One of the coolest features Game Time offers is the ability to set a weekly match limit in FIFA. This function could be a very interesting option for parents who want to set a weekly limit on their children, since we could know exactly how many games they are going to play per week.

It is important to mention that this adjustment can only be made from the console itself or the PC in the FIFA settings, and will not be available from the web app or the mobile application. It is also interesting to note that the setting is perfectly accessible from the settings panel, so that the minor could modify the values to their liking at any time they want.

To determine a limit of weekly matches, you will only have to enter Game time from FIFA and select the option Match limit. There you can define the number of matches that the profile that has logged into FIFA will be able to play per week. Although this setting can only be modified within the game, the web app and companion app will show the remaining matches in the Game Time control panel.

How to control the purchase of packs and FIFA points

But if there is an option that could really interest you, it is to control the purchase limit of packs and FIFA Points . EA is embroiled in a controversial situation related to addictive gaming. According to some reports, the game mechanics used in Ultimate Team are conducive to generating addictive behaviors around the game, especially when buying packs and FIFA Points.

EA has always defended that its games do not produce any type of addiction, and that the loot boxes included in the game cannot be considered as addictive. So in order to demonstrate that it is the user himself who has the opportunity to establish a control in case of need, they have included this option in Game time.

The purchase limit for envelopes and FIFA Points can be modified in the web app and in the companion app, so you can always know how much you have accumulated and how far you can go. To set the limit for purchases of envelopes you will only have to do the following:

From the game:

  • You must enter Ultimate Team mode
  • Access the more tab (last menu icon)
  • Enter Game Time

From the Web App or the companion App

  • You will only have to access the Game Time panel to check the two available sections. And it will be from there where you can set the limits you want to implement, both envelopes and FIFA Points.

What happens when we reach the limits?

Once the user has reached the limit of matches, packs or FIFA Points, a message will appear on the screen warning them, and that is when they have to select one of the three options:

  • Accept: you will return to the previous menu and respect the limit.
  • Review limits : It will take you to the limits configuration menu to modify them or check where they were configured.
  • Ignore 1 hour : By clicking on this option, the limit will be ignored for one hour.

As you can see, the limit adjustments do not serve to protect minors, since they themselves would be able to avoid the problem at the moment they reach the total number of possible games to play, packs to buy or FIFA Points to redeem. These measures are perhaps looking for a passive way to allow the user to consider a monitoring that, in the end, will require a lot of willpower in some cases.

If you are looking to control the purchase of envelopes and limit the games to minors, it is best to take a look at the privacy preferences of your console to limit access.