Google Slides: Complete Guide to Google PowerPoint

When creating our own multimedia presentations from a PC, we currently have a large number of proposals at our disposal. Perhaps the best known is Microsoft PowerPoint, but if we are looking for a good free alternative, Google Slides is a great solution.

It is for all these reasons that we are going to show you everything you need to know in order to start the program as such. In addition we will talk about the main functions that it presents to us and that will help us create spectacular multimedia presentations. To start we will tell you that also known as Google Slides , this is a program that is part of the office suite of the search giant.


How to access Google Slides to start using it

In this way the aforementioned program accompanies others as well known as Docs or Sheets of the same firm. So, as you can imagine, like these, this alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint is a program that we can use completely free of charge. In addition, we will not need to install anything locally on the PC , since it works online, so it is enough that we have an Internet browser.

Thus, in order to start working with this Google presentation program, we only need our favorite web browser , and of course a connection. In addition, since it does not cost a single euro, to access its main online interface, it is enough that we have an account from Google itself.

Therefore, to start working, we will need our account access credentials, email and password, which we enter at this link . This will give way to what is the Google presentation program as such.

Google Slides templates

As it happens in the Microsoft program that we mentioned earlier, this alternative to it, the first thing it presents to us is a series of templates that we can use. As it could not be otherwise, we can use these for free and they will make things much easier for us.

plantillas google presentaciones

For those who do not know, these templates can be very helpful because they are pre-designed presentations for various uses. This way we will save a good amount of time and effort, since these templates offer us most of the design from the outset. Then all we have to do is customize the slides with our texts . In addition, as we say, there are them for uses of the most diverse nature: albums, recipes, consulting, education , cards, etc. It is also worth knowing that here we have a search engine for this type of content in particular.

Start with Google’s presentation program from scratch

However, on many occasions we may want to start the work from the beginning. With this we tell you that, regardless of the templates, we want to create a multimedia presentation by ourselves from the beginning. Therefore, in that case, instead of clicking on one of the exposed templates, we will do it on the Blank button. This will give us immediate passage to the initial Google Slides interface so that we can start working.

Interfaz de usuario de Google presentaciones

At this point it is important to know that this alternative program to PowerPoint also has a series of themes that we can use. These can be established before starting to design the presentation as such. They are located on the right side of the main interface of the program so that we can select the one that most interests us or that we like.

Teams Google Presentaciones

For its part and as is usually the case in this type of applications focused on office work, at the top of the interface we see the Google Slides menus. These will be of great help to us to access the many functions of this program. Similarly, just below this, we see a series of shortcuts to basic Google Slides tools.

We must bear in mind that, as in PowerPoint, the use of this program is based on the slides that we design. These are the ones that will be part of the total presentation that we are designing and are located to the left of the main interface. In the event that we want to manage these important elements, we can do it from the Slide menu. Through it we will have the opportunity to create new ones, delete some of the existing ones, duplicate them, edit them, etc.

Menú Diapositiva

Design with Google Slides Presentations

As you can imagine, other basic elements when designing our own multimedia presentation in Google Slides are those that we introduce ourselves. Specifically, we refer to the texts that we will use here to introduce them in the different slides and that define the Google Slides project. For this, it is enough that we click with the mouse in the place on the slide where we want to start typing. Of course, although the text here is important, it is not the only type of data that we can use here.

We tell you this because Google Slides in turn has the ability to work with other more advanced elements so that they are also part of our design. Thus, in the shortcuts at the top, we see a button to include an image , a text box, or a shape that we choose.

Accesos directos Google slides

These are objects that can also be part of our slides, together with the text that we are integrating in them. Of course, in case we need a greater variety of these additional objects , we can find more in the Insert menu. Here we will see other elements that Google Slides presents us as videos or audio files. It is evident that all this we can achieve really spectacular results.

Therefore, when creating a multimedia presentation from Google Slides, we can affirm that the program offers us everything necessary for it. But of course, that is not enough, since it will also depend a lot on our imagination and effort to design a project in this program.

Help yourself with plugins when creating presentations

At the same time, the program is trained so that we can further increase its functionality, all through the add-ons for which it is supported. This is something we manage to use from the Plugins option in the main menu of the program. Once here, we only have to select the Download plugins option so that a new window opens with the elements of this type that we can use.

Complementos Google Presentaciones

These will allow us to use this program with other platforms together, or to add new somewhat specific functions. With everything and with it, we recommend you take a look at the ratings and votes that other users have left for each of the elements that we will find here.