How to Activate Pocket Mode on a Xiaomi Mobile with MIUI

Our mobile phones are full of sensors eager to make our lives better, or at least much more comfortable. And precisely one of these sensors is the one that allows us to use pocket mode on a Xiaomi mobile , thanks to a native MIUI function. A feature that requires precisely one of those sensors.

Activate Pocket Mode on a Xiaomi Mobile with MIUI

Although our phones increasingly have larger screens, they are still devices that often fit in our pants pockets, where they must be used with great care. With this MIUI pocket mode we also manage to save battery and protect the screen of our Xiaomi phone.

So you can activate pocket mode

This pocket mode is nothing new, but it saves us from having to install third-party apps in MIUI in order to do the same that this mode offers us. In order to activate this mode you must enter the MIUI settings of a Xiaomi mobile , and select the following functions:

  • Inside the settings menu enter “lock screen and password”
  • Select “advanced settings”
  • Activate pocket mode

In this way, the touch screen is deactivated the moment we put the phone in a pocket.

modo bolsillo Xiaomi

What is it for?

Well, it is evident that this function is perfect to avoid accidental keystrokes when the phone is in the pocket, something that is quite common when we put it inside. By disabling the touch panel , we avoid that by putting the phone without unlocking it to the pocket it can make random calls to contacts or send messages in apps accidentally. Therefore, it is an excellent option to prevent the phone from going crazy due to the different keystrokes that may be accidentally exerted on the screen.

This is also a good option to avoid having to be aware of whether or not you have locked the phone before putting it in your pocket. Since with this function activated the phone has the same utility as if it were locked, but in this case with the screen on. Before we told you that sensors play a crucial role in this type of function. Not in vain it is thanks to the proximity sensor that this mode can be used.

The sensor, normally located at the top of the screen, activates the lock of the touch panel when noticing a surface at a minimum distance . Being in a pocket logically the fabric of this will be practically glued to the proximity sensor, which when you notice this deactivates the touch. Something very similar to what happens when we start a conversation on the phone, where bringing the ear closer to the sensor also deactivates the touch.