How to Recover Your Huawei ID in EMUI 10

Huawei mobiles allow you to set up an account with a Huawei ID in order to access many of its services. That account, like all others, is associated with a password, which can be forgotten at any given time. To solve it, we can count on the help of our contacts, choosing them as “Emergency Contacts”. Let’s see how this option works on Huawei mobiles with EMUI 10.

Recover Your Huawei ID in EMUI 10

When we think of emergency contacts , those who we advise in case of a problem come to mind. We have also seen on other occasions how to configure emergency messages for certain contacts. However, this specific function serves to allow us to recover the password of our Huawei ID in case of forgetting.

Emergency contacts

Therefore the information about the emergency contacts can be used to reset the Huawei ID password in case of forgetting. To retrieve your Huawei ID password on a new device, we will be asked to provide a verification code and additional information, such as the phone numbers of your emergency contacts that we are going to configure. As usual, this function is useful if the configuration was made prior to the loss of the password.

To configure it

To configure the emergency contacts, we will have to go to Settings, and then we will have to touch on the Huawei ID and then on Account and Security . Finally, within this menu we click on “Emergency Contacts”

huawei contactos de emergencia

Up to five contacts

If we do not have a previous access password configured, we will have to configure one at this time. Then, we will access a menu where we can add up to five emergency contacts to our phone book. We just have to click on “Add” and the contacts will be added to the list. If we want to delete them, just tap on “Delete” and select the contact to remove it from the list.

huawei contactos de emergencia 01

To consider

Keep in mind that only the entries available in our contact list can be configured as emergency contacts . Also, if a Contacts entry that has been registered as an emergency contact is modified or deleted, we will have to update the emergency contact information in our Huawei ID.

We should also know that the information regarding emergency contacts is updated 24 hours after it has been added or modified. This means that the option of recovering the Huawei ID through this method will not be available until after this time.