New Huawei Watch GT 2e : Features and Price

Huawei has a new smart watch in its catalog. This is the Watch GT 2e , a new version of the well-known GT 2 that is well worth knowing more about. We explain what you should know about wearable and what are the main differences with the model that the firm already had available.

Huawei Watch GT 2e, perfect for sports

huawei watch gt 2e

Along with the announcement of the new P30, P30 Pro and P30 Pr + phones, Huawei also took the opportunity to present the world with a new wearable. We are talking about the Watch GT 2e, a very attractive smart watch that adds to the ever-widening offer of smartwatches from the Asian house.

One of the features that most attract attention about the team is its markedly sporty character. Huawei knows that one of the most sought-after features in a smart watch is training monitoring (running, swimming, etc.), so the firm has not hesitated to provide this model with a great ability to control different activities. So much so that the new GT 2e adds no more and no less than 85 custom training modes to its registry, allowing you to record your Rock climbing, your jumps doing parkour, practicing street dance or even when you skateboard.

Huawei Watch GT2

Within this skill we also find the specific monitoring of 15 professional sports (such as climbing, running, swimming or cycling), being compatible with GPS and GLONASS positioning systems (included in the watch).

Continuing with the field of health, the new watch also has a measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), which will be quite practical also while doing sports activities. The well-known sleep control joins the list of qualities, being able to “diagnose” -you know that the last word will always be a doctor- 6 common types of sleep problems , in addition to controlling your heart rate, analyzing breathing and until giving you a score of your general quality of sleep.

Huawei Watch GT 2e

Needless to say, the smartwacth enjoys receiving notifications (alerts from the phone), monitoring of daily activity (steps, sitting time, etc.) and even has a music player (you can connect a Bluetooth headset). You can control everything from its 1.39-inch color AMOLED HD display screen fitted in a round design box with a stainless steel frame. As for the battery, it stands at a generous 2 weeks.

Huawei Watch GT 2e vs GT 2

With the arrival of the watch, many are likely to wonder what is the difference of this new model with respect to the GT 2 that was already available at Huawei (and that has two versions, one 42 mm and the other 46 mm).

The first thing you should be clear about is that this new version is slightly larger than the 46mm GT 2. It also weighs a little more (we are talking about a difference of 2 grams, yes) and when it comes to colors and finishes, it can be seen that the GT 2e has a more sporty character -image on the left under these lines-, since all its straps are fluoroelastomer or polyurethane, while in GT 2 it has leather and metal options (other than the materials mentioned in version 2e).

Huawei Watch GT2 vs GT2e

Even at the design level they differ in that regard: the newer one is free of buttons sticking out of the box and looks cleaner; on the other hand, its brother shows off a more conventional watch aspect both for the rings that surround the screen and for the “hands” that it shows. Another important difference is that the GT 2e has resistance to water and dust, while the GT 2 only withstands dives.

For the rest, they are two very similar watches : they both have the same screen (sizes, resolution, format), the same sensors and a battery that lasts the same, in addition to using both magnetic charges. They also have the same internal processor (Kirin A1) and storage memory (4 GB).

Beyond therefore the aesthetic or resistance differences, the main distinction of this version 2e lies in the measurement of SpO2 and in the enormous variety of sports capable of detecting and monitoring.

Watch GT 2e price and availability

The Watch GT 2e can already be reserved in the official Huawei store, although it will not be available until the week of April 10. Its official price is 179 euros, but at the moment it can be purchased with a discount of 20 euros, so it stays at 159 euros .

You will find it in three strap colors to choose from: black, red or green.