Activate and Configure Automatic Connection Sharing on Your Samsung

Data connections, whether Wi-Fi or through mobile data, have become key in our day-to-day lives, in fact it depends on whether we can have a satisfactory experience with the phone. In this case, we look at a functionality that Samsung mobiles have to share the connection, and that provides even more convenience when sharing data .

Sharing the Wi-Fi connection is something that more and less has ever done, turning their mobile into a real router. But in this case we go a step further, and we look at a useful function that Samsung mobiles have related to sharing the Internet connection.

How is it different from sharing traditional Wi-Fi?

Surely you have doubts when evaluating what this automatic shared connection modality gives us in Samsung mobiles with respect to traditional methods, and it is logical because sometimes, as the manufacturers explain the functions or describe them, they can give rise to misunderstandings. . In this case, it is a function that is integrated into the settings to share Wi-Fi connectivity with other devices. It is a way of being more specific and sharing the connection in an even more comfortable way with the people we know or are part of our family nucleus.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

If with the traditional Wi-Fi zone of the phones we share the Wi-Fi connection with those devices that detect the network and enter the password correctly, in this case it is a matter of giving privileges to a series of devices so that they can access the Internet connection of a automatically, without having to go through authentication. And this is something that is achieved by associating automatic access to being part of our Samsung Account . As you know, Samsung accounts allow us to add several devices, which may be owned by us or by other people close to us or by the family that are included in our group.

Samsung Gaalxy A72

Let’s say this “Automatic Connection Sharing” function generates a select club of people close to us who have automatic access to our Wi-Fi connection . In this way, the task of connecting to the Internet is greatly facilitated for people around us when they need a connection away from a router. And we are not only talking about other people, but about our own devices that are registered within the Samsung Account. In this way, if you have the mobile of your children, parents, spouse, or a friend in your Samsung account, they can directly access the shared Internet connection generated by your phone, regardless of when it occurs.

Samsung Gaalxy A72

How active?

Well, we are talking about an adjustment within the shared Wi-Fi connection, which is the traditional Wi-Fi zone. Within these settings, Samsung mobiles have a specific section to be able to share the connection with other people in our closest environment. Something that we can activate in the following way:

  • Access your Samsung settings
  • Click on “Connections”
  • Select “Internet Sharing and Modem”
  • Click on “Shared connection”
  • Within this section you must activate “Automatic connection sharing”

It is in this section where we must access to be able to share the Wifi with other people automatically. Once activated with the slider, you must click on the text ” Automatic connection sharing ” which in turn gives us access to a new menu to configure this interesting feature of Samsung phones.

conexión compartida automática Samsung

Once we enter we will find again the slider that activates or deactivates this functionality, as well as the Samsung account in which this service is activated. In this way we will verify that it is our Samsung account that is configured to share the Internet, since it will depend on whether we have the possibility of sharing it to some people or others. Once we check the account that is configured on the phone we will have to select a new slider, at the bottom, next to the text “Share with the family”

conexión compartida automática Samsung

And that is the main motivation for this functionality, to be able to share our Samsung phone’s Internet connection with the family. Once we have activated it, we will see the people who are part of our Samsung account, and therefore those with whom our Internet connection will be shared automatically. For this to work, it is essential that those other people who are going to connect to this connection have previously logged into our Samsung account.

conexión compartida automática Samsung

When we have this function activated, any member of our family will be able to connect to the Internet through our phone’s Wi-Fi, without having to request anything and without us having to specifically activate this Wi-Fi zone. Because as you know, for a Wi-Fi zone to be accessible to other devices, we must first activate it, since it is not permanently accessible. In this way, it is not necessary to go through that step, since our Samsung mobile will always share the connection with those people who are part of our Korean firm account, and therefore our closest circle. We hope this is a useful feature for you, especially if you have a lot of Samsung devices in the family.