Ace Stream: Video Player with Streaming and IPTV Functions

Multimedia content has become commonplace in these times, more since the arrival of the Internet and current connections . These allow us to share video content via streaming in real time. Of course, we will also need somewhat specific platforms and programs such as Ace Stream.

And it is that when working with these contents in particular, which also do not stop growing as videos are, we have several ways to do it. Hence, today most of us are more than familiar terms such as P2P transmissions, IPTV, streaming, etc. All this opens up a wide range of possibilities so that we can share these types of files with the rest of the world, in the best way.

Ace Stream: Video Player with Streaming and IPTV Functions

Improve the use of online video with Ace Stream

As we mentioned before, for all this we have a good number of applications and platforms, as in the case of which we are going to talk about. Specifically we refer to the Ace Stream program. Actually we are referring to a program that allows and facilitates the viewing of streaming content, all using P2P. All this allows us to share the same video content from the computers of users around the world connected to the same network . In fact, for all this, just install the program and to make things easier for us, it installs an extension in our favorite web browser.

In addition, the greater the number of nodes that share a certain video, the better the quality and fluidity of the transmission. Well, basically that is what allows us to make the platform we are talking about here, Ace Stream. Actually this program is the one that is going to be in charge of managing the P2P connections that we use and share in a certain transmission.

Ace stream extension

In parallel, the same program will also allow us to watch all DTT channels through the Internet once we have installed it. All this, as you can imagine, does not offer innumerable possibilities related to online video. In fact, regular users of today’s popular IPTV can also enjoy these through this application.

Other advantages of using Ace Stream

Of course, at the same time we must take into account that, once downloaded and installed on the computer, this program not only focuses on working with video. As we have previously told you, the use of online DTT or IPTV services are one of its main objectives, but we can also take advantage of music via streaming , for example.

Ace stream web

And we must bear in mind that what Ace Stream really offers us is an intermediary software between our PC, and online video or audio content. From there we will have at our disposal an almost infinite number of possibilities in this regard. Similarly, the program integrates seamlessly against multimedia solutions that we use on a daily basis. This is the case of the Chromecast , if we have one, since Ace Stream allows us to send the content directly to it.

Interface and how to use the program

Surely many of you know more than the well-known worldwide, VLC Media Player . Well, in part Ace Stream is based on the way it works, at least as regards online content. Thus, for example, to use this interface immediately, we can go to the Medium menu, and click on Open Ace Stream Content ID. At that time we will have the opportunity to enter the URL of the online streaming content that we want to access directly.

Ace Stream VLC

Thus, after installing it on the PC, on the desktop we will find a new icon for direct access to the program. Once we run it, we will see that its user interface is very similar to that of the mentioned VLC.

On the other hand, when configuring and personalizing the internal operation of the application, at the same time a new icon is created in the system tray . Thus, in order to carry out the application configuration work, we have to right-click on this new icon.

Icono Ace

For example, we must know that from the Options icon, we can configure all the customizable parameters of the program. Say that some of them will need somewhat in-depth knowledge of this type of online transmission. On the other hand, if we click on Broadcasting, a new browser window opens, where an online interface of the application is loaded. Here we can specify the type of the new online transmission that we want to use.

In this way we find everything we need to be able to use the program and the multimedia contents online, in the best way.

Broadcast Ace stream

How to download and use Ace Stream

Well, in case you want to enter the world of streaming , this is a good solution. At the same time Ace Stream will be valid for those who already have knowledge of this sector, and want to have greater control over their transmissions at all levels.

But of course, for all this and first of all, we must get hold of the program, and install it on our PC locally. Keep in mind that it is a free solution, which you can download directly from its official website .