Accessories to get the most out of your smartphone camera

It is no secret that mobile cameras have evolved so much that they have largely replaced SLR and digital cameras. Naturally for professional photography, due to the type of lens, it is more convenient to use a quality camera, but we have reached the point where photography, and even video on smartphones, is evolving more and more, offering a level if not higher in some cases very similar. With the forgiveness of the most professional photographers. However, if you want to maximize the use of your smartphone’s camera, we offer you a complete guide to essential accessories.

There are many types of accessories to improve both photography and video on smartphones , from lens kits to make a better zoom, through tripods for a more stabilized image and photographs without noise, as well as stabilizers or gimbals to record in motion. , rings of light to get a better light in interiors that are too dim… The options to improve mobile photography are multiple, to tell the truth.

Accessories to get the most out of your smartphone camera

Knowing the limits of mobile photography

But, in reference to what we told you in the first paragraph, mobile photography is to a certain extent comparable to that of cameras, taking into account a series of obvious limitations, both due to physical size and how the cameras work. Let’s see what these limitations of mobile photography are before jumping to the next section.

Rivers of ink have certainly been written about the differences between both types of photography, mobile and camera photography: forums, articles, blogs… There is a real world behind it, and brands strive to improve lenses and model years. after year, but physical limitations will always prevent reaching the level of a camera.

Mejores accesorios de cámara para tu smartphone

Starting with the sensors: keep in mind that, for a photograph taken in the same place, the difference between a mobile and a professional photography camera are the sensors that collect that image, making a digital camera see the images more clearly. details the closer we get to the photo (or the more it is zoomed in).

Shutter speed is a fundamental factor, which is why it is always specified when buying a smartphone. It is impossible that in a mobile the speed is as developed as in a camera due to the size of the shutter .

Something similar happens with the objective or lens, while in mobile phones it is small and fixed, in SLR digital cameras the lens is completely interchangeable to take different types of photography: macro, telephoto , etc. However, we will be able to alleviate the vast majority of these problems, such as the stability of the shutter and the lens with a tripod, exchanging the lens with different kits…

What accessories to choose and what to consider

Next, we will summarize the accessories that we can choose with these four points, explaining in detail how they improve mobile photography and what must be taken into account at all times.

  • Lens Kits . One of the most fragile issues in photography is the type of lens. They will try to mitigate the static lens that smartphones have as opposed to the interchangeable lenses of other cameras. The objective of these lenses is to improve the quality of the image, allowing, mainly, to increase the zoom, use a different wide-angle sensor and with more quality… In this way, we can differentiate up to four different types of lenses:
    • Macro. Details, very close objects that you want to photograph. Although in many cases mobile photography already includes macro mode, a macro sensor kit will allow you to take sharper photos or capture many details.
    • Wide angle . Ideal for taking photos with a much larger viewing angle, capturing much more than a common lens.
    • Fish eye . If we were talking that the wide angle has a very wide angle of vision, but the fisheye is capable of recording more than 180º of vision.
    • Zoom . As its name suggests, it is ideal for capturing details at a great distance, but without losing a drop of image quality. Ideally, leave up to 16X, but more is better.
  • tripods Fundamental. As we have explained to you above in the first paragraphs, one of the most pronounced losses of the mobile camera is that of the sensors compared to that of digital or SLR cameras, in such a way that the shutter speed is much faster and we lose stability. . To alleviate this problem, tripods are a great solution, since either you have a great ‘surgeon’ pulse or the photographs will come out completely blurred. And we are not talking about a shot of a few seconds… The best shots, to match those of a camera, take a few seconds in which your hand, almost certainly, will end up moving. The tripod allows us to enjoy greater image processing for greater exposure and richness of photography. But what do you have to take into account when buying one?
    • Clip to hold the mobile . It is essential to look at how to hold the mobile, and if the clip is too fragile or insufficient. Naturally, make it as adjustable as the inches your phone has, or it won’t fit.
    • Height. There are different types of tripods, depending on whether we want a photograph from height or at ground level (table tripods). In the event that we want a standing tripod that measures at least 1 meter for the best exposures, and if it is a tabletop one, that simply has a small enough height, but is at ground level.
    • Goodies . Some tripods include Bluetooth remote controls, to be able to move them remotely in case you want to take a group photo, for example, extra legs, support for tablets or other devices…
  • Gimbal. Gimbals or stabilizers provide an impressive level of stabilization through motors and axes inside. Mechanically, it stabilizes the image, and although it is not the most suitable for photography, it is for video. We will propose a selection of them.
  • Light rings . Although you have been able to verify in the latest videos on social networks that they are fashionable, in professional photography they have been used for many years to highlight extreme close-ups, give light and highlight spaces that are too dim.

lens kits

First of all, a compendium of the most interesting lens kits:

macro lens

Starting with a macro lens for all types of mobiles. This is a kit for your mobile phone with 5 high-quality glass lenses, each with 3-5 layers of coating to reduce reflectivity. These lenses are ideal for large aperture, with a cone diameter of up to 4 cm , the exit pupil diameter of the lens is up to 2.3 cm.

Lente macro Apexel

It will be as simple as clipping it to the back of your phone and enjoying the 10x macro lens. Of course, the distance of the photograph must be, with respect to the photographed object, between 4 and 7 centimeters. It offers a large aperture relative to stock camera models, with a focal length of 1.8. Its price is around 45 euros .

Wide angle and fisheye lens

Although in the description of aspects to take into account we have made a brief but clear differentiation between the wide angle and the fisheye, it is possible to find a pack that includes these two types in a single product. This particular one is a kit of 4 lenses, it also includes a 25x macro lens, a 0.62x wide angle lens and another fisheye lens with… 235º of vision! Which is a real madness to capture everything around the mobile phone. It also includes a fourth kaleidoscope.

Lente ojo de pez

With the wide angle you can extend the angle of the shots, but the 235º of the fisheye is impressive , with up to 10 layers on both sides of the lens to allow light transmission in the band between 390 and 760 nm, guaranteeing absolute precision. The price of this pack is 20 euros.

zoom lens

Finally, this zoom lens to see much further than the eye allows you. It is a kind of telephoto lens for your smartphone. It allows viewing in high definition, with manual telephoto focus, allows up to 18X zoom , and is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones on the market today, you just have to attach it to the camera through a clip.

Teleobjetivo móvil

The physical distance of the telephoto lens is adjustable up to 15 millimeters, which you will have to do with your hand, as if it were a telephoto lens on an SLR or digital camera. It is portable and easy to use. Its price is about 25 euros.


A selection of tripods for your smartphone:


This is one of the best-selling tripod models in the entire Amazon catalog, which stands out for being table-top, but stable enough for ground-level or table-top photography . It allows a flexible rotation of up to 360º , and includes the extra that it is controllable via remote control. It is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones on the market, made of resistant materials and non-slip feet that do not move.

Trípode Alfort

In fact, it can also be used as a selfie stick . The legs are fully adjustable, making it ideal for shooting while hanging, vertically or horizontally. In addition, you will not need to be next to the tripod since it has a remote control. Its price is quite cheap, for about 12 euros.

Joby tall tripod

On the other hand, if you are looking for something higher that allows you to take stable shots, but higher , look at this Joby TelePod model. It is compatible with smartphones and 4 different modes : grip, extended grip, tabletop tripod or raised tripod. Plus, you can use the pole and base together or separately.

Joby TelePod

It is completely waterproof , with good grip in the clip area, with a size that reaches up to 1.20 meters. Sufficient in all aspects for less than 50 euros that it costs.


Nothing will resist you with these stabilizers or gimbal:


DJI is one of the best brands in all kinds of technological products, from drones, microphones… And this latest generation gimbal! We are talking about a three-axis stabilizer with a tripod ideal for any type of smartphone, with a folding design. But why does it stand out? Especially because of the ActiveTrack 3.0 tracking technology with which it recognizes people and pets for automatic tracking , while you just hold the stick and walk.

Estabilizador DJI

It has various modes such as Story , with which you can create videos with a single touch, and the stabilizer does the rest. Say goodbye to tremors with 3-axis stabilization technology , managing it through simple gestures. Its price is 90 euros.

Xiaomi MiAction

Another gimbal that captures our attention greatly is that of Xiaomi, something simpler but equally functional. It has the most ergonomic grip, with silicone and a light weight of only 60 grams. Stabilize the image as best as possible, with a long battery life of up to 8 hours and 4 different stabilization modes. It also has a remote control. Its price is about 100 euros.

Estabailizador Xiaomi

light rings

Finally, the rings of light to illuminate those very special close-ups:

Ksix Kit Ring

A ring light model that includes everything you need for the most colorful photos, since it has 15 RGB colors and a remote control to start recording without having to move. The ring is 12 inches (305 mm in diameter) to illuminate not only close-ups, but entire rooms, with a natural and professional image.

Anillo Ksix

It has two flexible arm supports for your smartphone, capable of recording at different angles at the same time. It also has 3 color temperatures for the user to regulate through the control and achieve the desired effect, with another 10 light intensities. It is also not expensive at all: about 30 euros.


This Imperii model is also very interesting since it is telescopic and adjustable in height. It includes two tripods and a smartphone holder, with a 25.4-centimeter and 26-inch ring light, specially designed to illuminate faces and those close-ups we’ve been talking about. Both the intensity and the tone are completely controllable through the built-in remote, with a universal support for all smartphones.

Anillo Amperii

The legs are articulated, with great stability, acting as a tripod at the same time, the thread is 1/4 inch, allowing it to be used with other accessories. It can be regulated up to 1.60 meters in height, and its price is about 35 euros.

The recommendation of

So far we have come, but as we like to help our readers, we help you choose the best of each house (or each product). For all three lens kits we’ve straight up put the best in their field, so all you have to do is choose between a macro, zoom or wide angle/fisheye. In case you ask us about a tripod, Joby ‘s is the most minimalist and comfortable, adjustable in height and also valid for the table; The best gimbal, without a doubt, is the one from DJI for all the latest generation technology it equips, and in the rings, this last one from Amperii is the clear winner for being telescopic.