The best way to charge your phone at night

There are many things that you will have been told about charging your mobile at night , so perhaps at this moment you are wondering if this is possible and what is the best way to do it. It may be that during the day you don’t have time to do it during the day or you have forgotten, or it is at night that you can take advantage of it to charge the battery of your smartphone.

Although there are many people who say that charging the mobile at night is not recommended, the truth is that it is not entirely true and it is not dangerous either, at least if you do it with an original charger and your electrical installation is not defective. You can do it perfectly without fear, since the current batteries are lithium, they are more prepared and they definitively put an end to battery problems due to overcharging the mobile that existed in previous phones due to what is known as the memory effect. In addition, manufacturers say that smartphones now have protection chips to prevent the phone from charging more than it should.

The best way to charge your phone at night

When to charge the mobile?

If your mobile has enough battery, you do not need to charge it, although if its battery percentage is less than 20% , it is recommended that you do so. Ideally, you should keep your mobile battery percentage between 20 and 80%, as several studies claim that this will help increase the life of your battery.

Therefore, if you have the battery at 50% or at a percentage higher than the minimum when you go to bed, you can leave it for the next day. Later, when you need it, you can charge it a little more so that it stays at those levels.

Calibrar batería móvil

As for when to do it, it can be just before bed to have it fully charged when you get up, or while you’re resting, watching TV, reading or other things before going to bed to check if it charges before bed and so on. disconnect it from the electrical current. Either of the two options is equally valid, although if you are afraid that something will happen during the night while you sleep, you can choose to do it before.

Don’t use it while it’s charging

The best thing to do when charging your mobile at night, and at any time, is that you do not use it to make calls or any other use while it is charging. Not that this will damage your battery or affect it in any way, but it will allow it to charge without interruption.

If you use the mobile with applications that consume resources, you may increase its temperature . In addition, by not using the mobile while it is charging, you could avoid problems if something happens during charging, something that is very unlikely but can happen. In any case, as we have said, if you use it while charging, nothing should happen.

Where to do it and where not to

You can charge the mobile anywhere where you find a socket prepared for these functions. You can also do it using a computer, in fact, there are experts who advise it. However, we do not recommend keeping your phone in bed and under the covers while charging. Better on the bedside table or on a flat, non-hot surface where you can replenish energy.

cargar móvil oppo Do not do it near the heater, at high temperatures or in any area where it can affect it in any way. Do not drink very close to the phone or do anything potentially dangerous while it is charging. You can remove the cover if you consider it necessary.

Take advantage of the functions of your mobile

Something you can do is take advantage of the possibilities and battery settings that your mobile offers you. For example, on some mobiles you will find the Smart Charge and Smart Battery Capacity features. Depending on the model, this feature may be called Protect Battery, Optimize Charge, or something else. You can see it in your phone ‘s battery settings .

With smart charging turned on, AI will learn from your charging habits, and could automatically enable it to stop charging at a certain value while charging at night, for example.

ajustes bateria inteligente

If your mobile has any settings that help you optimize the battery and its charge, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. It is better to resort to this than to applications that promise you many things, but cannot be completely reliable. If you are going to use an app, check carefully what you install, if it is safe and consult opinions, although remember that they are not necessary for this purpose.

Use an original charger

The main thing is to use an original charger because only this one offers you the guarantees that your mobile will charge correctly without any danger of it overheating due to charging for a long time or due to a short circuit, with a possible risk of fire . In addition, you can take advantage of all its possibilities, such as faster charging.

Most likely, nothing will happen because the phones are already prepared for these situations, but there are many cases in which an accident of this type has occurred and it is best not to risk it. If it is not original, unless it has the maximum guarantees of quality and safety.

cargador original samsung

With regard to whether it is current or wireless , it will depend on what is most comfortable for you, since, although wireless chargers are slower in charging, in any case, in the morning when you get up you will find your mobile 100% charged.

It doesn’t hurt to calibrate the battery

You can calibrate the battery from time to time, and what better time to do it at night. To do this, you will have to make the battery completely drain. If you have little left, use it until it has no charge. Leave your mobile off for at least 7 hours, which will be those of your sleep or several hours before going to bed. Then connect the mobile to the charger without turning it on until it is fully charged. When it’s at 100%, keep it plugged in for at least 2 more hours.

Now is when you unplug it, turn it on and start using. This is something that you do not have to do every day, far from it, but that we advise you to do from time to time so that your battery lasts much longer in the best conditions.