Get the best multifunction printer: how to choose it

Being able to print from home is sometimes a basic necessity . Whether it is because there is a job to hand in, a document to present or even an exam to review. Much the same thing happens with document scanning, which is sometimes urgent. For those kinds of occasions, there is nothing like getting a multifunction printer capable of solving all your problems.

The truth is that choosing a multifunction printer that meets everything we need is not always an easy task. Not only will you find many and very different ones on the market, but you will also find that they have very precise parameters that must be considered.

Get the best multifunction printer

That is why we wanted to make it very simple for you and prepare this complete buying guide. You will only have to continue reading to discover what your perfect printer should be like. In addition, we have selected some models so that you can quickly choose the one that best fits what you need. Do not miss it!

Basic parameters of a multifunction printer

Before launching to buy a printer, you should know that there are certain parameters to consider. The first and fundamental thing is that you always have to opt for a multifunction . In this way, you will not only be able to print with it but you will also be able to photocopy and even scan documents. The more versatility a device that we are going to have at home is capable of giving us, the better!

Botones de una impresora multifunción

After this, there are certain parameters that you should consider before buying, as we will analyze below.

  • First of all, you need to decide what type of printing technology you use. It is, perhaps, the most determining factor and the one that will mark your final choice. There are different types of printing, although the two most used are the following:
    • Inkjet is the most affordable technology you’ll find. Ink printers work through cartridges , so you should analyze which models are compatible and their price . Something you should keep in mind is that if you use it intensively, the cost will be very high . Of course: you will get good quality, and you will have both color and black and white printing.
    • On the other hand, we find modern laser printers . Instead of cartridges, these work with toner, something that makes costs quite cheap. This type of printer is more expensive, but it is true that if you print a lot you will end up taking advantage of it.
  • Regardless of the technology you use, it is essential to see if you need a model in color or black and white . The former are more versatile, but the latter are cheaper.
  • Connectivity is another of those key factors. If the printer has WiFi or Bluetooth, it will make it much easier for you to send documents from any device. But if you only have a wired connection, the task will be a little more difficult. It is therefore advisable to choose a model that has WiFi, Bluetooth or even NFC.
  • If you want to be able to print from your smartphone , it is essential that you value the previous point. There are certain printers that will allow you to download an app and print directly from there, which may be a good alternative!
  • There are printers that have a screen so you can control all the parameters. This is very practical, although it is not something vital.
  • Another point to consider is whether you can load enough paper or you will have to insert the sheets in small quantities, especially if you want to do a lot of printing.
  • Do you want to print double-sided ? Well, you should know that not all printers bring this method automatically, so it is something that you should check beforehand.
  • The weight of the paper that a multifunction printer supports is another of those parameters that we sometimes forget to check, and it is very important! Especially if your intention is to ever print on cardboard or heavyweight paper.
  • The printing speed is something you can check, although it is not decisive.
  • Finally, the price is usually a determining parameter. Do not worry, because we have selected printers of all types so that you do not have problems in this regard.

Subscriptions: should I hire one?

One point that we do not usually consider as important as it should is that of the subscriptions offered by some brands when buying a printer. If you buy a model from HP , for example, you will discover that there is HP Instant Ink. This is a subscription service that anticipates your needs and sends you the ink that you have contracted. Like this, there are different plans on the market that could be interesting for you.

Impresora Multifuncional Canon PIXMA MG2550S

Although it may seem a bit absurd at first, it is the best way to ensure that you always have ink available. No more running to the copy shop in the late afternoon because your cartridge has run out or your toner can’t print anymore.

If you do not want to get a subscription plan of this style, take a good look at how long it takes for the cartridge or toner of your device to run out. That is, how many copies does it allow you to make ? In this way, you can anticipate and get the necessary cartridges to continue printing.

It’s not a professional printer, don’t forget that!

Having a multifunction printer at home is comfortable and very practical, but everything will depend on the number of copies you are going to make per month. Because printing with a home device is more expensive than going to a professional copy shop if the volume is high. This is something that you should consider at all times, even before the purchase, since you could be surprised later.

For example, printing 100 pages per month with the HP Instant Ink plans would cost you €4.99. In return, from HP they give you another 15 more pages completely free of charge. If you calculate the number of copies per page, it is easy to see that it is more expensive than a copy shop. But it is true that you have everything at home, at any time and without having to wait in line. In this sense, you should be the one to weigh the pros and cons and decide what interests you the most.

Very affordable multifunction printer models

We start our amazing selection of multifunction printers with some very affordable models, ideal for those who don’t want to invest too much.

Canon PIXMA: an inkjet multifunction printer

Our recommendations could not start with another brand that was not Canon , especially with this PIXMA model that has such an affordable price. Because for about €50 you can have this inkjet printer at home and print everything you need.

impresora multifunción canon pixma

It is a very compact device, so it will not take up too much space at home. It will allow you to print in high quality, with up to 4,800 dpi. You should also know that it has XL ink cartridges to get more prints at the lowest possible cost.

It has an automatic power -on function that will be very convenient for you, since you will not have to constantly be aware of whether the printer is on or off. It is compatible with all operating systems, and also with different paper weights . To connect it to any device you will have to do it yes or yes by cable, with which it is only suitable for computers . Although this is a disadvantage, its incredible price is its main advantage.

HP DeskJet 3762

This HP model is one of the best known on the market, and for a reason! Its price is quite low, since it is around €85. Despite everything, it offers very complete features and has a compact and elegant design that will make it fit in with any office. And the advantages do not end here!

impresora multifunción hp deskjet

You will be able to make manual duplex printing, scan, photocopy documents and print at a speed of 8 ppm in black and white. As for color pages, the speed will be 5.5 ppm. The printer has an input tray for up to 60 sheets of plain paper, and an output tray for up to 25 sheets.

Connectivity is one of its strong points, since it has WiFi, WiFi Direct, a USB port and even an application that you can download directly from your mobile phone. This will make your life much easier, since you will not always have to go to your computer to print.

The system it uses is inkjet , and it has 4 months of free HP Instank Ink service. In this way, you will be able to test if you are interested in the subscription or if you prefer to buy the cartridges individually.


We continue with HP, although we move to a somewhat more complex multifunction printer with a higher price . It is usually around €110, although you will find it reduced sometimes thanks to Amazon offers. It has the great advantage that it includes 6 months of Instant Ink printing .

impresora hp envy 6020

It works by ink injection , so you will have to keep an eye on the cartridges. It is very fast, since it allows you to print up to 10 pages per minute in black and white. In addition, it has automatic double-sided printing .

Connectivity will not be a problem, since it has WiFi and allows you to control it also through an application. Using it is quite simple, since it is an intuitive printer with an interface that is not very complex.

Canon PIXMA TR4650 Inkjet

We go back to Canon, although in this case with this PIXMA TR4650 . Again, it works by inkjet; We must not forget that this is the most economical system on the market in terms of printers. The price is around €100, although you may find some offers on Amazon.

impresora canon pixma TR4650

This multifunction printer not only has WiFi, but also has a cable in case you need to connect it directly to your computer.

One of its strengths compared to other models is that it has a screen through which you can control all the parameters. When it comes to photocopying, for example, it will be more comfortable than with any of the models we have seen before.

It allows you to have up to 100 sheets in the paper input, so you can forget about constantly reloading it. It also has automatic duplex printing .

High-end printers: for the most demanding!

For those who need something more, or are more demanding, we also have some models that will offer great performance. So continue reading if that is your case, because you will surely find what you need.

Brother DCP1610W

We start with this laser multifunction printer that prints only in black and white. It is ideal for those who need to print only documents or jobs that do not include photos. If you telecommute, for example, it is a great option. In addition, being laser, the copy will be much cheaper than with ink models.

impresora multifunción brother

It allows you to print in different sizes, among which are A4, A5 and B5. As for connectivity , you can use it through WiFi, USB or through your mobile phone . In this way, you will not always have to resort to the computer when you have to print a file.

The quality is also noticeable in the price : in this case, the printing speed amounts to up to 20 ppm. This will allow you to quickly print the files you need, without having to wait too long. The paper tray will allow you to place up to 150 sheets, a fairly high figure.

This printer includes a toner whose capacity is 700 pages , much more than any cartridge. As for the price, it is around €160.

HP OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Printer

This HP OfficeJet Pro has a very peculiar feature: it has an LCD touch screen through which you can control a large number of parameters. It is designed to be used at home, but it offers a fairly high speed: 22 ppm in black and white.

impresora multifunción hp officejet pro

It works by ink injection , and comes with a promotion to get 6 months of Instant Ink . You can print directly from your computer or using your smartphone, along with an official HP application . This will allow you to print faster and more efficiently.

The input tray holds up to 250 sheets, which is quite a high figure. As for the screen, you should know that it will allow you to have quick access to some parameters that you can customize yourself. This will save you time when photocopying or scanning, for example.

Epson Eco Tank

This Epson EcoTank multifunction printer is one of the most pro you will find on the market in terms of home devices. It works with refillable ink, and has a quick access LCD screen. In addition, it also has some physical buttons so you can enter parameters quickly.

epson ecotank et-2850

Includes ink sets, both black and color, so you don’t have to make a first copy. It has as a positive point that it is capable of saving ink , thus allowing you to spend less in the long term. It also has a very convenient to use ink tank .

You can download its Epson Smart Panel application to configure all the prints in the easiest way possible. Without a doubt, a high-end printer! The price is around €200 .

The most top: EcoTank ET-5170

The EcoTank ET-5170 printer is one of the most powerful in the entire market, recommended only for those who are going to make very constant use. Like the previous model, it has a screen that will make it easier for you to select everything.

impresora multifunción ecotank et-5170

It allows you to print on both sides automatically, without having to change the orientation of the paper. As for the printing speed, it is very fast, thus allowing you to save a lot of time. It has an economical ink tank system so that you not only save time, but also money.

As for connectivity , don’t worry about it! Because it has WiFi, WiFi Direct and even Ethernet, as well as applications for your smartphone. Without a doubt, you can not ask for anything more. The price goes up to €480.

Our recommendation

Although all the printers we have seen are very interesting, without a doubt the one that most convinces us for use at home is the HP DeskJet . Its size makes it very easy to place it anywhere, and its design allows it to fit perfectly in all types of rooms. In addition, it offers very complete features at a very low price. You can’t ask for anything more!