Accessories to charge the mobile with solar panels

It does not matter if we usually spend a lot of time at home or if we are adventurers, sooner or later at some point we will need to charge our mobile and we will not find an outlet nearby. This could have been a problem before, but with the huge expansion of solar panels, we no longer have to worry.

As much as we have used the mobile and very little battery that it has left, we can charge the mobile with solar energy . For this we are going to benefit from the wide variety of portable chargers that exist and that will offer not only help to us, but also to the environment since we are going to generate our own clean energy without depending on any electricity.

What to look for when buying a solar charger?

Before going to know the variety of options that exist, we must bear in mind that buying a power bank with a solar panel is not something simple and we must take several important aspects into account. With all these details in mind and knowing our needs, we will be able to find the ideal option for us, making us with the perfect purchase.

Accessories to charge the mobile with solar panels

The first and possibly most important thing is to know the capacity we need in the solar battery. This will allow us to store more or less energy, which will be very useful to charge the powerbank with the sun during the day and take advantage of it once the night arrives. We must also look at the number of ports available, since some can offer us several inputs to load more than one device at the same time.

But we cannot ignore other extras such as user options, which we are going to take very much into with the recommendations. Without forgetting of course the quality of the materials and other extras, which will allow us to get more out of clean energy portable batteries in all kinds of situations.

Mobile chargers with solar panel

The time has come to know the options that we can acquire to successfully charge our mobile without having a plug nearby. A variety of options to suit all styles, needs, budgets and personal preferences.

The best-selling solar charger

The sales support it and it is not for less, because this portable charger with integrated solar panel offers us for a moderate price what we all want, a good capacity that in this case reaches 26,800 mAh and fast charging with two USB outputs for everything what we need.

batería portátil cargador solar

It has a simple LED indicator that will allow us to know at all times how to distribute the energy we have, but it also boasts of being compact although this technology cannot be as thin as we would like. For emergencies, we also have a Type C input, as we can charge it if needed with the traditional plug method.

Small but capable

Although we say that it is a “small” portable battery, we must be clear that these power banks cannot be as small as the traditional ones because they must carry the necessary mechanisms to convert sunlight into energy for the mobile . In this case it has 20,000 mAh which makes it thinner and more compact but far from the traditional.

bateria portatil solar

It also has a great advantage to buy it and that is that it offers IP65 protection against water so that a few small drops do not spoil our great charging assistant through clean energy. It also integrates a flashlight for emergencies, so that once night comes, get a lot out of it. It has a Micro USB input to charge it and a traditional USB A output to offer us energy.

A charger with several solar panels

One of the small drawbacks that we find in other models of batteries using solar charging is in the waiting times. It is not easy to completely fill all the autonomy of the batteries and to speed up the process, this duel has up to 4 solar panels that will provide more energy to our mobile.

cargador solar powerbank

The capacity of this fair is 25,000 mAh and it also offers protection against water, allowing us to continue charging the battery even on rainy days. When it comes to taking advantage of all the energy it contains, we come across two USB A outputs that will be able to simultaneously charge two mobiles or whatever combination we need thanks to its power. However, the advantages of this solar car are reflected in the price, being one of the most expensive.

A gigantic solar powerbank

Since we are invariably going to have to be charged with a large battery that offers us the charging function with the help of the sun , why not think big and get one of the models that offer the most capacity. In this case they are nothing more and nothing less than 36,000 mAh that assure us energy at all times as long as we catch the necessary sun rays or otherwise taking it already well charged from home. And with so much energy, you do not forget to incorporate light.

cargador solar portatil

It promises more than 5 full charges for most smartphones so that no matter how long we are in the mountains, we will not be cut off because of the battery. It can be charged through Micro USB input and when it comes to distributing the power, it offers us two USB outputs that we can provide even for laptops given its capacity and available fast charging. The two outputs unable to work at the same time and as a final point, but less importantly, the price is not abusive.

Solar and wireless charger, 2 in 1

Since we opted for future energy, because we do not also think about future technologies for our mobile, this powerbank with photovoltaic panels allows us to charge the mobile once it has energy through its wireless charging base. So we can completely forget about cables and live in the future.

placa solar carga inalambrica

The fact that it has wireless charging does not make you forget about other charging options and it also offers two USB A outputs, in addition to a USB Type-C output, thus adding to the charging without cables. It integrates 26,800 mAh that will allow us to charge several devices at once or distribute it as best we can, including the LED flashlight. The only thing that is not recommended to try to use wireless and solar charging at the same time, due to the problems that can cause temperature.