Accessories for the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite Cheap and Indispensable

One of the best media players out there today, considering its quality / price ratio, is the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite . If you have one and you want to get the most out of it wherever you are, we show you the accessories that you should not miss to get it.

The device we are talking about is the most affordable option of all those currently offered by Amazon, but this does not make it an unhelpful device. An example of what we say is that its use is really simple , since you simply have to connect it to an HDMI port (on the Smart TV or monitor) so that it can be used. In addition, when it comes to video quality, the one it offers is Full HD . More than enough to enjoy the content of streaming video platforms without problems.

Accessories for the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

Besides, it is important to bear in mind that this is a product that uses Android as the operating system, although with a strong customization that it is true that it allows you to enjoy a most intuitive interface based on frames. Another of the virtues that the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite has compared to its competition is that it has a remote control that is compatible with Alexa.

Accessories that pay off

There are several types, since it is possible from improving the security that you have when taking the player on vacation and, also, there are options that increase the connectivity that exists when displaying the contents on a screen: therefore, in The list that we have prepared you will always find something that will surely help you.

In addition, you will have no doubt about the compatibility that this model has with the different accessories for the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite that we have chosen. In addition, and this is very important, the prices of the products are not particularly high … so you will not have to make a very large investment, which maintains the line of the player we are talking about.

Reproductor Amazon Fire TV Stick de color negro

List of accessories for the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

We leave the options that we believe are worthwhile in the Amazon online store and that you can get with total reliability from home, since we are talking about an online store that is one of the safest that exists on the Internet.

1byone keyboard

If you want to enter text in some applications when you use the player, this is a keyboard that will help you in a complete way and without having to put through any cable, since it uses Bluetooth. Its autonomy is quite good, since it always ensures 90 hours of use without having to charge its battery.

Teclado Teclado 1byone

Mission Cables MC45

With this accessory for the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite you will have an option to get the energy it needs for its operation directly from the USB port of the TV.Its compatibility is excellent and its use is very simple. By the way, it includes protection options that are appreciated.

Mission Cables MC45

VOKY Micro USB to Ethernet Adapter

If the place where you are does not have good WiFi coverage, with this adapter that connects directly to the Amazon product you can use the cable so that you do not lack access to the Internet. Therefore, you will always access the content that exists on the Internet in the best possible way.

VOKY Adaptador Micro USB a Ethernet

YiYunTE Pro Controller

One of the possibilities that the device we are talking about allows is the installation of games if APKs are used. If you do this, you should not lack a good wireless controller (in this case Bluetooth) with which you can fully enjoy these types of applications. Their compatibility is excellent.

Mando YiYunTE Pro


If the access to the HDMI port of the television or monitor you use is in a strange place and you cannot access it, an extender like this that is quite inexpensive is most useful. It has no compatibility problem and maintains Full HD resolution without the slightest problem.



If you do not want to carry the original cable that comes with the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite from one place to another, this is a model that you should take into account that offers an excellent finish (an example is that we are talking about a braided model that perfectly resists the use). Its length is no less than three meters.


Amazon USB charger

An original model from the online store that allows you to plug the player into the mains if the USB port on the television in which it is used is insufficient or does not offer all the guarantees. It will not give you any compatibility problem.

Cargador USB Amazon

GCDN case

This is an accessory that allows you to protect in a very precise way the remote that is included with the Amazon product. With this product, bumps and falls will not be a problem so that the device we are talking about suffers in use.

Funda GCDN

Roku 3500EUA connector

An HDMI dodo that allows you to save the walls or furniture that are near the televisions or monitors in which the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite are connected, which is of great help, since in many cases the position of the mentioned port becomes a problem (especially when traveling).

Conector Roku 3500EUA

Roexboz cover

This case is the most solvent to protect the Amazon player, and has the particularity of being bought in various colors … all of them quite striking. It includes a rear part with projections that ensure a good grip, something that is essential so that it does not slip on the table.

Funda Roexboz