7+ Taskbar Tweaker: Get Most Out of the Windows 10 Taskbar

tweak-windows-10-taskbarThe Windows 10 taskbar is one of those elements of the operating system that has been among us for many years and often goes unnoticed. Despite its enormous importance, we are so used to this element that sometimes we do not give it the importance it deserves.

This is where the applications that we are running at that moment are located, which allows us to quickly access them. We also create a multitude of shortcuts to the programs we use most to work on Windows 10 in a more fluid way. That is why it could be said that this taskbar allows us to work better with installed programs.

At the same time, Windows 10 itself places several functions of extreme importance here so that we can access them in a much more direct way.

Get more out of using the Windows 10 taskbar

These anchored accesses are basic in our day to day with the PC, as you can imagine, either Win32 or UWP . Thus, Microsoft natively presents a series of integrated functions that allows us to customize the use and position of this taskbar . However, sometimes and due to its enormous use, these options may be somewhat scarce. That is why, as with many other elements of the Redmond system , we can use third-party solutions.

Therefore, in the case at hand in these lines, we did not find the program called 7+ Taskbar Tweaker . This is a free application that you can download from this link and that offers you a multitude of options and modes of behavior of this taskbar. Thus, once we have downloaded it and it is running, a new icon will appear in this same system element.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker

By double clicking we will see that the main configuration interface of the program itself appears on the screen. Here we find a series of parameters that, as we told you, will allow us to customize the Windows 10 taskbar. Thus, from here we will have the possibility of reducing the additional space between the elements and icons anchored, or changing their default behavior. That is, we can specify what to do by double clicking on some of these bar accesses.

Improves access to Windows 10 applications

At the same time 7+ Taskbar Tweaker will allow us to group elements of the taskbar , or where they will be placed each time we open them. In the same way we can take advantage of the mouse wheel to move between the applications anchored here and thus use Windows 10 in a more fluid way. It also allows us to create custom actions , for example by clicking with the mouse on an empty area, either with the main button, or with the central one.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker opciones avanzadas

Regarding the aspect of this important element, from this application we have the possibility to hide objects such as the Start menu button, the clock , etc. Keep in mind that we do all this from the main interface of the program. But to see the most advanced options, click with the right mouse button on the icon.

This will give us a new less visual window, but with new customization options that we activate by changing its status from “0” to “1”. Here we can disable transparencies, dragging icons , listings of each anchored access, etc.