Kee Chorome Extension: Use KeePass Passwords in Chrome

KeePass-Chrome-07If we really care about our security and privacy online it is very important to have a good password manager. This type of software is based on a secure and encrypted database, protected by a master password. Within this database we can save the long and complex passwords, which we will use when registering on any web page. Thus, we will only have to remember the master key to access all our passwords.

There are a large number of database managers. In addition to those included in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, there are also third-party services that give us this possibility. For example, it is very likely that we have heard of tools such as LastPass or 1Password, tools that promise us a lot of security and are very simple to use, but they are paid.

If we really care about our security and our privacy, the best we can do is opt for totally free, open source tools (to always have the code reviewed) that offer us a safe space, far from the interests of other companies, such as the previous ones, to save something as important as the passwords of our entire digital life. And one of these tools is KeePass.

KeePass is a completely free and open source password manager . Thanks to him we can have a complete secure database to store our passwords, and the information we want. The problem with this password manager is that, as standard, it does not integrate with browsers. Therefore, for some users it may be inconvenient to have to look for their passwords in the program, copy them and paste them in the browser. Luckily, thanks to the Kee extension , this is going to end.

Kee allows you to log in directly from Chrome through the KeePass database

Kee is an extension developed in order to make things as easy as possible for users of Google Chrome and KeePass. This extension offers a simple, private and secure way to automatically log in to the browser by accessing the passwords that we store within this password manager.

This extension connects directly to the KeePass database through the KeePassRPC plugin and allows the browser to use the corresponding password to log in. In addition, it also allows us to protect our data by creating secure passwords that we can use when registering on a website.

How Kee works

Kee is a totally free and open source extension (we can check it, if we want, to make sure it is safe). We can download it for Google Chrome from your extension store. And we also have it available for Firefox.

In addition to installing the extension in the browser, we must also download the KeePassRPC plugin in the password manager. To do this, we will download it from the following link , and copy it to the “Plugins” folder of the main KeePass folder.


When we have Kee installed in Chrome, and open on our KeePass computer, with the previous plugin installed, the login process will automatically begin. In Chrome, for example, a page will appear asking for a connection code.

Kee - vincular con KeePass

In KeePass, on the other hand, we can see a window with the corresponding connection code to connect your database with the Kee extension.

Clave conexión Kee KeePass

When Kee is already connected with KeePass, we can already see a window that will indicate if we want to create a new database, or use an existing database.

KeePass - Usar base de datos

We already have KeePass, Kee and Chrome ready. From now on, when we are going to log in to a website that we have registered in Kee, we can see how the KeePass user and password appear in Chrome.

Login con usuario de KeePass

In the user and password boxes we can see the Kee logo, which will allow us to access KeePass passwords. In addition, if we click with the right button we can force a search for matching passwords, in addition to generating strong passwords, very useful when, for example, we are going to register on a new website.

As we can see, Kee is just what KeePass needs. Thanks to this extension we will be able to have the KeePass database fully integrated with Chrome and Firefox. In this way, the convenience and ease of use of this excellent password manager has nothing to envy to that of its commercial rivals, such as LastPass.