7 perfect IKEA accessories to enhance your setup

7 perfect IKEA accessories to enhance your setup

It is more than likely that you have more than one IKEA furniture in your house. The Swedish manufacturer has managed to get you into each and every one of our homes with its furniture, decorative elements and more. So much so that, for example, there are different accessories in its catalog that we can use to improve our setup , study area, work or whatever. These are 5 of the best accessories for this purpose that you will find at IKEA.

IKEA Symfonisk: speakers by SONOS

We have already shown you the first element we want to talk about on other occasions. It is known as the IKEA Symfonisk family, different speakers from a collaboration between IKEA and SONOS to offer us great sound quality, an attractive design and, best of all, some extra functionality.

The first two members of this family were the bookshelf speaker and the lamp speaker. The first one, thanks to an accessory that must be purchased separately, can serve as a shelf on top of your table to place an item on it.

Of the second little we have to explain to you that you do not imagine already. It is a speaker that, in addition, is a lamp that we can turn off and on as we please.

The third member of this family is the IKEA Symfonisk Picture Frame , a canvas-shaped speaker that we can hang on the wall to decorate our setup – you can see it in action just above these lines thanks to the video that we published on our YouTube channel after try it The best thing is that the manufacturer offers different sheets with which we can customize the canvas to our liking.

ROMMA and SIGNUM: cable organizers

One of the most important details for a good study or work area is the organization. And we all know that IKEA is quite an expert on the subject. Specifically, we wanted to recommend two of the accessories in this manufacturer’s catalog for organizing the cables in our setup.

The first of these is the Signum . A cable management strip that we will anchor under the desk to say goodbye to that skein of cables that we see when we are approaching the Setup. Of course, required a little while to organize it well. Its price is 15 euros .

The second is called Romma , and it is a kind of cup where we can insert a power strip with plugs and hide it a bit, or else, make all the tangle of cables go through it and the “ugly” part is more hidden. This little accessory will only cost you 7 euros .

IKEA Elloven: a base for your monitor

Raising the monitor a little in your setup will allow you to improve ergonomics and, therefore, you will be able to work much more comfortable.

A solution to do that is the IKEA Elloven , a base where you can place your monitor on it so that it is a little higher. In addition, it includes a chest of drawers to be able to place different elements that you use on a day-to-day basis. And, just below this drawer, a hole for the keyboard. Its price is only 19 euros .

IKEA Skrutt: desk protector

If you spend many hours sitting in your work area, you will have noticed that the hole in front of you deteriorates much faster. Above all, this happens if you move things from side to side by brushing the lid of the message as a computer mouse would, for example.

To solve this this Swedish manufacturer has the IKEA Skrutt . A super cheap protector that only costs 3 euros , which is available in various colors and which, in addition, will reduce the wear and tear of your setup.