The 7 features of Windows 11 that everyone should try on the PC

Microsoft‘s new operating system, Windows 11 , has been with us for several weeks now. In general terms, it has created as much acceptance as controversy on the part of millions of users who have installed it. Next, we will talk about some functions that you should try yes or yes to really see the potential of this software.

We could say that many users are migrating from Windows 10 to the new Windows 11 for free and automatically. All this despite the requirements that Microsoft itself is demanding from users and their teams to carry out this migration. In fact, there are some relatively modern computers that do not meet these requirements and their users cannot install the new Windows.

The 7 features of Windows 11 that everyone should try

But in parallel and for a long time many have been waiting for this release. All this to prove what those from Redmond put at our disposal here.

What to try in Windows 11 to enjoy the operating system

Let’s see what are those functions that you should try in Windows 11 in order to finish convincing you that this has been a good choice.

configuración windows 11

  • Themes and backgrounds included : one of the main reasons for this new operating system is related to design and interface . Good proof of all this can be found in the themes and wallpapers that Microsoft makes available to us in Windows 11. This way we will obtain a much more attractive software in which we work daily and in keeping with the times.
  • The Settings app – We found a new Settings app with a cleaner theme and rounded corners. In addition, it adds a practical sidebar that provides us with a much more intuitive and pleasant navigation and use. In turn, we find options that were previously only found in the Control Panel .
  • The new Microsoft Store – The new official store for Windows 11 comes with a new design and is much easier to use than the previous version. We will see a sidebar of shortcuts, a search bar at the top, and we can also download conventional applications, not just UWP .
  • Quick Settings Menu – Say new operating system includes a quick settings menu hidden in the taskbar. We can use this to activate or deactivate functions such as Bluetooth , WiFi or Airplane Mode.
  • Window Settings – These controls we refer to here appear when you hover over the maximize button. They will be used to automatically resize and move the windows to predefined areas of the screen. It also allows us to configure up to six predefined placement patterns.
  • The Widgets : these little additions were longed for by many users. It should be noted that they disappeared in the latest versions of Windows. They allow us to quickly check weather forecasts , stock prices, sports results , and all kinds of news of interest. We will have the possibility to personalize and configure all the information that we want to have at our fingertips at all times.
  • Teams integration – Microsoft has decided to integrate Teams into Windows 11 with a simplified chat feature. This can be accessed by clicking an icon that appears on the taskbar. After that, a chat window appears in the style of instant messaging applications. All this to use this signature platform more directly.