Is it necessary to defragment a memory or USB hard drive?

The different storage units that we use daily in our computer are just as important as other components. We refer to hardware elements of the importance of the CPU or RAM. But we also use external elements such as flash memories or USB hard drives that we can sometimes also defragment.

Whether it’s internal or external drives, when talking about storage on our computer, one of the goals we seek is smooth operation. To achieve this objective that we mentioned, we can carry out different movements that help us obtain better results both in writing and reading data. One of the most common movements that we have carried out for years is to defragment these storage units to which we refer.

Is it necessary to defragment a memory or USB hard drive

The truth is that this is something that we carry out on a regular basis on the HDD hard drives that we have installed on our computer . In this way, the operating system itself is responsible for unifying all the occupied sectors in order to improve the speed of access to them. This is a process that can take a while to run in general, but the results we obtain will be beneficial in our user experience.

At this point and in these times, we may be wondering about the possibility of defragmenting flash memory drives, or USB hard drives . The main reason for this is that the use of these types of external devices has grown greatly in recent times. Keep in mind that many users currently use these external drives constantly on their computers.

When to defragment flash drives or USB drives

Therefore, in these cases, users usually demand almost the same access speed to these external components, than to internal disks. Well, in order to achieve greater read and write speeds on these drives, many consider the possibility of defragmenting these drives. However, this method of operation is not always going to be effective for all types of storage drives .

desfragmentar discos

To begin with, we will focus on the drives that we connect to our computer through a USB port . It is worth mentioning that in this case we can find both HDD and SSD disks . In the event that it is a solid external hard drive, that is, an SSD, it will not do any good to defragment this type of drive . Therefore, we can skip this step to achieve greater fluidity in its operation. However, if we are working with an external drive of the HDD type, defragmenting this hard drive will be very useful . In fact, it is best to carry out this type of task periodically in order to improve its performance.

In the same way we can find today’s usual flash memories that we also connect via USB to the PC. Here we will tell you that, as happens with USB SSD drives, defragmenting these flash drives is of no use to us, so we can still save it.