64 infected applications on Google Play that you should delete now

In recent weeks, several new apps have been discovered on the Play Store that distribute Joker, Facestealer, and Coper Malware malware. Google works to remove scam apps from the official Play Store that were detected in these malware families and to have a reliable Android storefront, however, cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to escape Google’s security barriers and cheat. users who download apps with malware.

Google has taken steps to remove dozens of rogue apps from the official Play Store that were detected spreading the Joker, Facestealer, and Coper malware families through the marketplace. While the Android Storefront is considered a trusted source for discovering and installing apps, criminals have repeatedly found ways to slip past Google’s security barriers in hopes of luring unsuspecting users into downloading malware-laden apps.

64 infected applications on Google Play that you should delete now

Get rid of these 54 apps with Joker right now

The latest findings from Zscaler ThreatLabz and Pradeo indicate this, assuring that Joker is one of the most prominent malware families targeting Android devices. It keeps showing up on the Google store by modifying the malware’s tracking signatures, execution methods, code updates, and helpful recovery techniques. In addition, this subscribes users to premium numbers and SMS while collecting key information.

infeccion app

The two cybersecurity firms have identified a total of 54 Joker download apps, with apps cumulatively downloaded more than 330,000 times . They can pose as photo editors, SMS, emoji keyboards, blood pressure monitors, translation apps, and more.

  1. SimpleNoteScanner
  2. Universal PDF Scanner
  3. PrivateMessenger
  4. Premium SMS
  5. Smart Messages
  6. Text Emoji SMS
  7. Blood Pressure Checker
  8. Funny Keyboard
  9. Memory Silent Camera
  10. Custom Theme Keyboard
  11. Light Messages
  12. Themes Photo Keyboard
  13. Send SMS
  14. Themes Chat Messenger
  15. InstantMessenger
  16. Cool Keyboard
  17. Fonts Emoji Keyboard
  18. MiniPDF Scanner
  19. Smart SMS Messages
  20. Creative Emoji Keyboard
  21. Fancy SMS
  22. Fonts Emoji Keyboard
  23. personalmessage
  24. Funny Emoji Message
  25. Magic Photo Editor
  26. Professional Messages
  27. All Photo Translator
  28. SMS-chat
  29. Smile Emoji
  30. Wow Translator
  31. All Language Translate
  32. Cool Messages
  33. Blood Pressure Diary
  34. Chat Text SMS
  35. Hi Text SMS
  36. Emoji Theme Keyboard
  37. iMessage
  38. Text SMS
  39. Camera Translator
  40. Eat Messages
  41. Painting Photo Editor
  42. Rich Theme Message
  43. Quick Talk Message
  44. Advanced SMS
  45. ProfessionalMessenger
  46. Classic GameMessenger
  47. StyleMessage
  48. Private Game Messages
  49. Timestamp Camera
  50. Social Message
  51. Smart SMS Messages
  52. Blood PressureMonitor
  53. Voice Languages Translator
  54. Quick Text SMS

apps Joker Pradeo

If you haven’t already, delete these 8 apps with Autolycos

Security researcher Maxime Ingrao revealed last week 8 apps with the Autolycos variant with more than 3 million downloads before their removal from the store. As we have said at the time, this one stands out for not requiring WebView. We already announced a few days ago what they were, but we repeat them in case you haven’t heard and you have one on your mobile:

  1. Vlog Star Video Editor
  2. Creative 3D Launcher
  3. Wow Beauty Camera
  4. Gif Emoji Keyboard
  5. Freeglow Camera 1.0.0
  6. Coco Camera v1.1
  7. Funny Camera
  8. Razer Keyboard & Theme

funny-camera-razer apps autolycos

Remove these 2 apps with malware

Also, new apps with Facestealer and Coper malware were discovered. The former bypasses Facebook credentials and authentication tokens, while Coper works as a banking Trojan that can steal a lot of data by intercepting and sending SMS and has a lot of features. The latter also abuses accessibility permissions on Android to gain full control of the victim’s phone.

The latter are:

  • Vanilla Camera
  • Unicc QR Scanner

All of them are added to those that have fallen by the wayside, and those that still continue, in Google’s fight against malware in its app store . Despite their efforts, the attempts of hackers that continue to evolve are not enough. If you just found out that one of the ones that appears in this list is on your phone or you have installed it at some point, check that you don’t have it and delete it now. You can do it in the application management section of your mobile settings by clicking delete.