6 Web Design Basics You Should Not Overlook

web design

Web design in 2021 is simpler than ever. Website builders provide all the tools you need, including attractive themes, Wix’s logo maker, as well as online shops and more. You can create a website in a couple of hours. Sometimes, it seems so simple that people overlook some web design basics.

The reality is that web design is not difficult, but it does require some savvy. There are simple tools you can use to truly elevate your website. The following 6 web design basics should never be overlooked.

1. Logo Design

A logo has long been a mainstay in brand marketing. People are visual creatures. We look at pictures before we look at words. Nonetheless, many individuals and businesses overlook the importance of a logo on their website. They assume that since people are already on their website, no more marketing is needed.

However, a logo brings your website theme together, providing a focal point along with many other benefits. It is your logo that will display in the tab at the top of the browser. Your logo will appear in your email signature and on letterheads.

Logos are easy to design as well, with tools like Wix’s logo designer providing images and fonts you can use for free. They also provide the logo in multiple file types and vectors, so that you can use it in any context.

2. Contact Form

With the proliferation of social media, the old-school contact form is sometimes seen as superfluous. Most website creators assume that people will follow their social media accounts if they want to get in touch. However, contact forms on websites are actually fundamental to getting visitor interaction.

Contact forms allow people to get in touch without having to leave the page. There is a sense of anonymity, even if they are leaving their names and email addresses. You will be surprised at how many people contact you through the form.

3. Images

As we mentioned before, people are drawn in by images. Pictures tell stories that require no attention to follow. Beautiful images on your website bring it to life in a way that no amount of text can.

However, it is important to remember that unprofessional images can cheapen the look of your website. Do not rely on photos you took with your phone, unless they are particularly high quality.

If you want to add photographs of yourself or of your products, hire a professional for a shoot. For images of anything else, utilize stock photo websites. You can get a $10 subscription to sites like DepositPhotos or ShutterStock. Alternatively, you can use free websites like Pixabay. All provide high quality photos taken by professionals of just about every subject.

4. Color Palette

Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a color palette when designing your website. While we all like to think we have a good eye for design, color schemes are fairly set in stone. A color palette is a group of colors all of which will look great together.

It saves you a lot of time and ensures your website will look coherent. Clashing colors is a surefire way to send people away from your site the moment they land on it. You can scroll through a number of different color palettes, or simply start with a color that comes up a lot in your products (or outfit choice).

5. Fonts

One of the “rules” most people are aware of is that your fonts should go under the radar. When people notice the fonts, it is usually for negative reasons. We’ve all cringed at the inappropriate use of Comic Sans.

But the reality is that fonts can make a huge difference. With the right amount of subtlety they can draw the eye to the text. When choosing fonts for your website, you need to ensure that they don’t clash with one another.

Also, fonts should never blend into the background. That is one mistake guaranteed to drive people away from your site.

6. Mobile First

In 2021, when you are designing a website, design it with mobile in mind. People today access the internet on their phones, especially when searching for businesses. For this reason, your website should never look like it was designed specifically for computer use. On the contrary, it should be attractive and functional primarily on a mobile level.

Think about how you use the internet. Chances are that you only access it on a computer when you are working. At all other times, pulling out your laptop to visit a website is something you don’t even consider.

Web design in 2021 is simple, but that does not mean there are no mistakes to be made. The above 6 web design basics will ensure your website looks great and works seamlessly.