Best viral hashtags on TikTok, which ones to use to get views?

If you want to dedicate yourself to the world of social networks, one of the things you must do is be attentive to the content that generates the most traffic. For example, one of the services where we can see this clearly is on TikTok. And, in order to gain a foothold, one of your best assets is to use hashtags. Today we explain many interesting things about these tags , in addition to showing you some of the most viral hashtags in all of TikTok .

What makes you viral on TikTok?

Best viral hashtags on TikTok
We are sure that, if your goal is to grow within this social network, this question is the first that will cross your mind. And, if you get any of your publications to position themselves within the viral content of the moment, you will be able to grow much faster.

Of course, to get more traffic, likes or followers within TikTok you must take into account different aspects:

  • Create content on a regular basis : on a social network like TikTok, the quantity is premium (usually) more than the quality itself. So, if you want to get more traffic, it is not recommended that you post one video today and launch the next one in 1 month. If you notice, the accounts with the most followers within TikTok publish daily content.
  • Stay tuned to trends : if you are one of those who like to dance, for example, stay on top of what is the new choreography that is hitting you to publish it before others. This is something that you must adapt to the theme of your profile.
  • Publish different content : in addition to being in the wave of the moment, posting exactly what others do is difficult for you to go far or to notice you. You may have to change a small detail of that viral content to attract even more attention. Or, directly, try to develop another type of innovative content. You choose.
  • Use the tools that TikTok gives you : this is something fundamental and where many creators who try to make a living from social networks make mistakes. For example, if you find an influencer with many followers who allows you to perform a duet with one of their posts, take the opportunity. Another clear example of using the tools that this app provides us is, clearly, using hashtags or tags in your publications. This will help you to be more “discoverable” to other users.

These are just some of the best tips you can follow to, in some way, optimize the growth of your account on this social network. But now that you know them, let us tell you a little more in depth about that last aspect that we mentioned: the labels.

What hashtags to use to go viral on TikTok?

We have taken it as a no-brainer that, if you are in this article, you know what hashtags are, what they are for and where they are placed . But, for the most clueless, here is a summary.

Hashtags, also known as labels in Spanish, are an element used to categorize or label (hence the name) the different types of content on the internet. Although these were already used in blogs many years ago, where they achieved the popularity they now have is in social networks.

The issue of where to place them , in some sites they will tell you that at the beginning of the biographies that accompany your publications, others that they will recommend that throughout said text and, finally, some that (like us) believe that it is better than place it at the end of the text you write with each post.

By using these elements, our publications will appear within those “categories” of TikTok or any social network where we use them. Whether the position they acquire is higher or higher in the end will depend only on us and our ability as creators.

Of course, not all hashtags will help you get the same visits or likes. Like everything in the world of social networks, you must use the most appropriate at all times. For example, most of TikTokers tend to opt for the most viral tags of the moment, such as:

  • #fyp reaching 15 109.3 billion views
  • #Foryou which adds 10958.4 billion visits
  • #duet that is already seen about 2,257.9 billion times
  • #tiktok with 2,154.5 billion views
  • #FashionWeek with 3.2 billion views
  • #CameraRoll totaling 1.1 billion views

It sure sounds quite tempting to use these tags given the huge amount of visits they have. But of course, as many visits come from these hashtags, the competition is much greater in them.

With this we do not want to tell you to use super specific labels in order to have a better chance of positioning yourself in higher positions. Rather, our recommendation is that you use the hashtags that best suit your content instead of the most viral ones. An example of this if you post dance and choreography could be:

  • #dancer
  • #dancelove
  • #dancevideo
  • #dancecover
  • #dancetutorial
  • #danceinpublic
  • #dancechallenge

Or, for example, if your type of content is about training routines, health and fitness, you could choose:

  • #gym
  • #fitness
  • #workout
  • #stayhealthy
  • #fitnessgoals
  • #healthtips

Find the most viral hashtags on TikTok

Finally, and as we have already indicated that you should be attentive to the most viral tags of the moment, you should know where you can check these news within TikTok.

This is extremely simple and, probably, you already saw it on some occasion browsing through this social network. But, in case there are any clueless, you just have to:

  • Open TikTok as you normally would. This will take you to your home screen with the different new publications that have been made under your tastes.
  • Click on the home tab that you will see in the lower left corner.

Here is a list of some of the most used hashtags by creators on TikTok. In addition, on your right, you will see the number of visits that are currently generating in this social network. You just have to browse through them to find a few that suit your content type. And, of course, place them in the description of your post so that many more users who browse these tags can find you.