5 websites to organize the wedding of your dreams

There may come a time in your life when, after several years as a couple, you have decided that the time has come to take another step forward in your relationship and it is the perfect time to get married. If that moment of your life has come, we give you some websites that you can use to organize the wedding you have always dreamed of .

Regardless of whether you prefer a simple wedding or one taken from a romantic comedy, on these websites that you will find below you will be able to organize and get many ideas so that you have a perfect wedding.

5 websites to organize the wedding of your dreams


Bodas.net is, as its name suggests, a portal that is entirely dedicated to organizing the wedding you want. As the cover of this website says, we have to search among more than 50,000 suppliers , where you can find florists, tents, buses or entertainment, just to list some types of suppliers.

At the top of the web you will also be able to find a good number of sections that will help you design the banquet or even search for workshops or stores to find the best wedding or groom suits. The page even has a section of wedding ideas so you can get inspired with your own.


This Zankyou website is really similar to Bodas.net, since in it we will have everything we need to be able to organize the wedding of our dreams. In the suppliers section we will be able to find all of them categorized so that we have it much easier when it comes to finding what we are looking for.

Zankyou allows us to create a wedding list where all the gifts we will receive will be in cash . The bride and groom will be able to easily thank any gift through the web or from their mobile, and they will even have a breakdown available with all the contributions received.


Pronovias is one of the most important portals that we can go to when it comes to wedding dresses. It is true that on this website we will not be able to buy anything (since it will always refer us to one of its physical stores), but even so, it is a portal to take into account .

At the top we will see how the different sections of the website are distributed, being, as we have said above, the most important of all, the wedding dresses section. Here you can see how these dresses are divided according to styles , as well as other interesting categories such as long-sleeved or last-minute dresses for more “hasty” weddings.


El Corte Inglés has its own section aimed at organizing weddings, and this is called BodaMas . The service that BodaMas includes will allow us to organize all aspects of our wedding, from the banquet to the decoration, through the wedding invitations or the music.

The page itself also allows us to search for the honeymoon trip that we want to choose from a wide and varied selection. The page also has a section called Lookbook that will allow us to get ideas regarding dresses or the ceremony itself .


We close this list of websites with atodoconfetti, another excellent website for couples who are preparing to say “I do” . On this website we will be able to see a large number of ideas for all possible aspects of a wedding, from the ceremony to the wedding dresses, including ideas for the guests.

The website acts more as if it were a blog to get ideas than a page to organize everything related to the wedding as it happens with Bodas.net for example, but even so it is a website that you should visit yes or yes before getting started. organize your wedding