5 websites that every hiking lover cannot miss

5 websites that every hiking lover cannot miss

Hiking is one of the best activities we can do outdoors. Whether alone with our headphones or in the company of more people, in Spain we have a large number of routes to do of great beauty. As it is not so easy to find those that are more worthwhile, we bring you a series of websites where you can find out about everything related to hiking.

On these websites you will be able to search for all those routes that are close to you, also consulting very interesting information about them and about everything you need to go hiking. All websites offer this content for free, so you will not have to pay a single penny for it.


We start this list of websites with Alltrails, a website that will not only be useful if we like hiking, but is also ideal for lovers of running or cycling . On this website we will be able to easily find routes of all kinds, both for beginners and for more advanced people.

If we only want to search for hiking trails, we will only have to scroll down the page a little to find the section for it. Once we click on it we can see which routes are closest to us, indicating on a map where we should go to start them and what their duration and characteristics are.


Another very interesting website that we can use is this one from Wikiloc, which, like the previous one, also contains routes for all kinds of activities in addition to hiking. As the website itself explains on its cover, there are already more than 35 million routes available on it .

Having previously clicked on the hiking icon that we will find at the top of the screen (it is the second from the left) we will see routes through a good number of countries to choose from. These routes will show some photos so that we can get an idea of what we are going to see, as well as the distance of this and the unevenness.


Senderimos.net is a fantastic meeting point for all lovers of this activity. In it we will be able to find activities to sign up for throughout Spain , which will allow us to discover all kinds of routes and meet new people.

On the web we will also be able to find a directory where you can find all the route organizers that are available, as well as a section dedicated to a blog to teach us the basics of both hiking and trekking.


ViasVerdes is a website created by the Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles, and includes routes that pass through what are called greenways, which are railway tracks that are no longer in use and have become routes both for hiking and for doing cycle tourism.

If we click on the right part where it says « Itineraries » we can search by autonomous community or by province, in order to make it easier for us to find a route that is close to us. Within each route we will be able to find all the details about it, as well as a map that indicates both the starting point and the end point.


We close this list with TodoSenderismo, a website that although it is true does not contain routes like the previous ones, it does contain a lot of useful information , especially for those people who are going to start in the world of hiking.

If we go down a bit on the main page we will see how we have a section where we can find everything we will need to be able to hike correctly , including the necessary material for camping.