Update and configure your router like this if you don't want to have problems

The router is undoubtedly one of the most important devices that we can have in the home. If the desktop PC breaks it is a problem, but we can always connect to the Internet with any other device , such as a mobile phone or tablet. But, how can we make sure that it is correctly configured and updated?

Set it up for easy access

Update and configure your router like this

Seen as one of the most essential devices to be able to connect to the network from home, configuring this equipment correctly is the main key to accessing the Internet without any inconvenience, as well as having the highest possible speed, stability and security. This way we can make the most of your connection and connect any device with it.

Thus, configuring your router correctly is key to accessing the Internet without problems , connecting any device you have at home, preventing strangers from taking advantage of your connection without permission or preventing access to content that is not recommended for the little ones in the house, Among many other things.

In addition, a well-configured router will allow you to make the most of your network connection. However, in most cases at the time of contracting the service, the provider is simply in charge of delivering the modem with its corresponding cables and some instructions to start its configuration. But this can be difficult for many to figure out, and therefore it is important to explain how to make such an adjustment.

How can we do it

Whether buying a new router or updating the one you have at home, keep in mind that we must take a series of initial steps. In this way we can start browsing the Internet and connect the different devices. We must pay special attention to security, since it is a fundamental factor and we should not overlook it.

  • Turn on the router and connect your PC to the router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Once connected, open a web browser and go to or 192.168.01
  • Set your route login password by entering it twice. It’s best to keep it simple like admin .
  • Click Sign in .
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and set up your wireless network and Internet using the Quick setup option.
  • Enter the name (SSID) of your wireless network in the given field and also, set a password to secure your WiFi network.
  • Now, you can finish the process, after which you will be able to join the wireless connection with the SSID using your password.

For their part, some companies also provide certain self-installation packages. This is done so that the user himself is in charge of installing his device at home and, usually, it is the most economical solution because you do not have to pay the service to the company’s technician.

Configurar router 2022

If you have a WiFi repeater, better

In the same way, and once the router itself has been configured or updated, we can have a WiFi repeater , which is always recommended to be used with a signal extender. They have a fairly cheap price that does not usually exceed 15 or 30 euros, and can be very beneficial for improving streaming playback throughout the house.

To configure this type of device, the only thing we have to take into account is that it is usually necessary to press the WPS button on the router to synchronize them with the network. Usually this is a physical button located somewhere on the side of the router. Routers that do not have a WPS button usually have this option available within the device’s own settings, through the browser.