The 5 very serious mistakes we make when buying a second-hand car

When we have the purchase of a vehicle ahead of us, it is true that we have many doubts about it. For this reason, it is possible that some mistakes are made when buying a second-hand car . If you want to avoid it, it is best to pay attention to some specific details in order not to make mistakes and that everything flows properly.

There are many who relax when buying a used car

5 very serious mistakes we make when buying a second-hand car

The drop in registrations in Spain, generated by the microchip crisis and the effects of the war in Ukraine, has caused us to see a considerable increase in users who decide to buy a second-hand car in recent months.

As for the age of the cars sold, used cars that are ten years old or older continue to dominate the market: with more than 100,000 units, followed by relevance by those between six and ten years old. Given this, the purchase of used cars is a cheaper option but it also has a series of risks that must be known.

In fact, as encrypted from CarVertical , there are those who relax too much when buying a second-hand car, which makes them forget or simply skip some of the vital steps of checking this type of purchase. , and that we know will be an important point at all times.

What to pay attention to

Whether it is the first time you are facing this situation or you have already done it a few times, it is essential to take into account a series of factors before you formalize the purchase of the vehicle.

The reason for this is that acquiring a second-hand car always carries some risks, especially if the transaction is carried out between individuals and a thorough vehicle verification is not carried out beforehand. For this reason, and in a safe way, as CarVertical warns, it is important to know what we are doing and what to pay attention to.

Skip driving test

Most transmission and suspension problems can only be detected during a test drive . Some people are fine with buying used cars online. That means they don’t get a chance to test your purchase before transferring a ton of money.

A test drive also allows you to experience the sensations behind the wheel, the importance of which should not be underestimated. Saloons, utility vehicles, SUVs, sports SUVs… each type of vehicle has a different feel and it is important to experience this difference before paying.

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Do not check if it has had breakdowns or blows

If we understand something about sheet metal, we can easily find out if the car has had any blows that have affected its structure. And to find out if it has had any breakdowns, we can request the official DGT report on the vehicle.

It contains the results and kilometers recorded in the ITV inspections . Because checking basic elements such as tires, brakes or the interior of the vehicle is advisable to see the complete state of the car at the time of delivery, as well as having the opportunity to drive it before completing the process, to check, Apart from its operation, elements such as the state of the steering wheel.

Buy without the advice of a mechanic

These inspections aren’t expensive, but still, don’t waste your money if you’re not serious about buying that car. As we say, the experts state that these inspections reveal the confidence that the seller has in his car, where sellers often point out in the advertisements that they have no problems with the inspections in a workshop.

Don’t rely on their trust alone, though: even the most confident sellers can start to avoid a professional inspection when it gets to that part of the process – it’s a red flag . But even if the seller is confident, that does not necessarily mean that the car is in perfect condition.

Buy when it rains or in low light

If the weather changes unfavorably during the planned observation appointment, it is best to postpone it. The only exception: in the case of the convertible, you can check if the top is waterproof when it rains.

Otherwise, paint damage is difficult to detect under raindrops and the technology check is often too short in bad weather. If the car is in a surprisingly dark underground parking lot and the seller doesn’t want to see it in daylight, you better know that this car is not for you.

Deciding on a car with a price much lower than the market average

In this case, there are two possibilities:

  • The car has a serious defect, charge or lien.
  • It is a scam and the car does not exist or does not belong to whoever claims to own it.