5 Tricks to Speed Up Your Android Phone

The passage of time affects everyone equally, from one person to a technological device. Nothing lasts forever, but we can optimize, in the case of gadgets, some of its functions so that everything goes better. For this simple reason, we bring you 5 quick settings to speed up your Android phone.

Speed Up Android
Speed Up Android

Remove notifications

A classic that cannot be missed and that many forget: remove notifications from the mobile phone. Do you really need to know what happened on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook right now? Each of the notifications we receive on our mobile phone consumes battery, data and resources, after all.

For example, we only have enabled email and messaging services, which are really important in case someone wants to contact you. With this simple movement you will accelerate the performance of the Android phone a bit.

Clear cache

Applications accumulate cache as they are used. It stays there so that it is easier and faster to load, but sometimes it also happens that much of that information is not reused. In other words, it is “garbage” that is left there occupying a space price. Remember to clear the cache every so often.

Use the cloud

If you have the possibility to send your photographs to the cloud, do not hesitate for a second. Anything that saves storage capacity to your mobile phone has a direct impact on its operation. The less load there is, the faster it will go and the less problems you will encounter in the future. Of course, remember to delete the photo of the mobile, as it may happen that you have it in two places at once.

Turn off animations

One of those tricks that comes in handy remember it occasionally. Disabling the animations of your phone is to make it go faster. On iPhone you can do it from “Settings” -> “General” -> “Accessibility” -> “Reduce animations”. In Android, meanwhile, it is a bit more complicated.

Go to “Settings” -> “About phone” and click on “Build number” several times. The key is to skip a message that says the developer options have been activated. Search for “Animation, transition and duration scales” and disable all.

Remove apps you don't use

How many apps do you have on your mobile phone that you don't use? The sure answer is "many." We all accumulate tools that for some reason we stop using. Our recommendation is that you delete all existing ones (that you don't use) to gain a little faster.

By following all these tips, you will make your Android phone go better. However, never forget that when a mobile asks for a change, there is no trick possible.