5 Best Websites and Apps to Make Infographics

Making infographics is an art. Although they may seem purely decorative elements, these informative images provide great value to each text, hence in the mainstream media there are teams dedicated to this work.If you are one of those who are starting in the world or need to do one for a task, here are 5 websites and apps to do infographics in a few seconds. 

Infographics Maker
Infographics Maker


We do not know the number of times we have brought Canva to the different topics, but as long as it continues to work just as well … it will appear here. This platform is one of the best known worldwide for image editing, so infographics also have a place.

All pictorial elements appear in a sidebar from which they can be taken. The rest is nothing more than implementing them in the final image so that it is to your liking.

Be careful with the name, since it seems to be Snapchat, but the title is Snappa. This online tool offers dozens of infographics created to insert information.

Unlike Canva, there are fewer editing possibilities, but everything is at hand to also less headaches. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot modify the main elements of each infographic.


It’s quite likely that you know Infogram. This website has been among us for many years and has earned the trust of users thanks to its good work.

With Infogram we can create very simple and direct infographics. In fact, one could say that this is its main virtue: it moves away from ornaments to bet on those most illustrative and characteristic elements.

Adobe Spark

If you expected Adobe not to have an app dedicated to infographics, you were very wrong. Although these images can be created with Photoshop, for example, with Adobe Spark everything is faster and easier.

This program is designed by and for the creation of infographics, so you will work with this format as a pretext. The interface, by the way, is quite easy to handle and very similar to what is seen in the Adobe line, which will give you seconds of life shortly after you know how to handle it.


We close this article with Visme, a tool that includes dozens of default infographic designs. The good thing is that these simply serve as a basis, that is, they can then be modified and altered as the user wants. It has hundreds of elements to make the most striking infographics, from a simpler design to more loaded ones.