5 tricks if you are going to take photos at night with the iPhone

One of the points that the iPhone has improved the most in recent years is night photography, to the point that truly incredible results can be achieved with the cameras of the different latest models. Well, if you are one of those users who want to get the most out of it and take advantage of the benefits that iPhone lenses have for night photography, in this post we will tell you up to 5 tricks so that your results are the best.

These Tricks Will Improve Your Night Photography

5 tricks if you are going to take photos at night with the iPhone

Despite the fact that the night mode of the iPhone is capable of offering really good results, if a series of aspects are not taken into account and you apply some simple but at the same time very effective tricks, there will be some photographs that will not come out at all well, and above all, it will not be the image that you were surely looking to achieve. Therefore, below we will talk about 5 tricks to keep in mind whenever you want to take night photography with the iPhone.

  • The first thing you have to take into account is the place of photography . If what you are looking for is to get the starry sky, you have to get as far away as possible from any point of light pollution, since although you can see the stars perfectly from the point where you are, the cameras need the environment to be free of external lights.
  • Obviously, if you go out to take night photos, the shooting mode you have to use is night mode . Now, it will not be as easy as putting it in automatic mode, but you will have to manually adjust the exposure time so that the photograph meets your aspirations. Of course, you have to take into account that the night mode of the iPhone reaches a maximum of 30 seconds of exposure.

  • In case you want to photograph a specific part of the sky, or even want to have information about what you are really taking in your photograph, our recommendation is that you install one of the many astronomy applications that are available in the App on your iPhone. Store. In this way you will be able to know much better everything you see in the sky, and it will even help you take a better photograph.
  • In the same way that we recommend using astronomy apps, we also recommend that, if you want to go a step further, use specific camera applications for night photography that allow you to use an exposure time greater than the 30 seconds provided by the app. Apple native. In this way you will be able to control the parameters of the camera manually, giving you almost total control of the camera and allowing you to play much more with the photographs and the external conditions.
  • Last but not least, perhaps just the opposite, since this aspect is practically mandatory, is that you use a tripod to be able to place the iPhone on it. Without the use of the tripod, night mode will not allow you to reach 30 seconds of exposure, in addition, without it, when you take a photograph with long exposure times, you will see that the slightest movement will make it completely useless.