5 new sports channels to watch for free on the Internet

Rakuten TV made the leap in Spain last April offering 90 free channels. The AVOD (advertising-based on demand) platform that refers to a streaming service that offers linear channels and content on demand for free by displaying advertising. Contents range from movies to news, entertainment, music, sports, and children’s programming.

The first AVOD platform to arrive in Spain was Pluto TV, but Rakuten TV with its 90 free outbound channels made direct competition to it and now incorporates new free sports channels. More and more users are watching television for free over the Internet, so sports lovers are in luck, since Rakuten TV has included the following sports channels for free: European League of Football, Players TV, SportItalia, SportOutdoor TV and Unbeaten have joined the platform.

5 new sports channels to watch for free on the Internet

New channels in detail

Rakuten TV already had 18 sports channels: EdgeSport, ESTV, FTF For The Fans, FUEL TV, Hard Knocks Fighting Championship, Impact! Lucha, InTrouble TV, Lax Sports Network, MAVTV Motorsports Network, MMA TV, Motor 1, MotorSport, The Tennis Channel, USGA and World Poker Tour. These channels join 5 new ones in which you can enjoy the following content in each of them:

European League of Football

Channel available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Interviews, exclusives and highlights 24 hours a day. All the information and exclusive content about the new European football league. Fans will be able to enjoy extra content in addition to the matches.

Players TV

Available in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Comedies, podcasts, reality shows and documentaries and original series co-produced by athletes and brand partners. The content revolves around a premium sports lifestyle of world-class athletes. Players TV offers us to know the intimate lives of professional athletes reaching such personal topics as their passions, interests and activities outside the competition field.

Atleta profesional compitiendo

Sport Italy

Available in Italy from this month of October. A station specialized in the production of football events. The channel will feature exclusive matches from Brasileirao, Argentina and Primavera 1. It will also broadcast Barça TV and ManCity TV content, as well as Shakhtar Donetsk matches.

SportOutdoor TV

Available in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This channel is focused on outdoor sports and the lifestyle related to them. In addition to sports, it also offers programs related to the world of travel and tourism, offering stories related to outdoor sports.


Available in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. It is the first digital sports media brand. The content programming is in English. News, interviews and entertainment about sports stars with a high profile and prestige. Unbetean has more than 1,000 hours of content on football, basketball, golf, Formula 1, tennis and electronic sports among others. In the future its programming will also add world championship events.