5 iOS Tricks You Should Know If You've Just Switched To iPhone

If you’ve just jumped into the iOS ecosystem for the first time, you’re in luck. We have compiled a series of tricks for Apple‘s operating system so that you can get the most out of your new iPhone. Chances are you’ll feel a bit lost if you’ve been with an Android phone all your life, so take a look to get more familiar with this new environment at the software level.

On more than one occasion we have all thought about changing our Android smartphone for an iPhone for different reasons. The first of these is to have a unique phone like no other, as well as a premium device in every way. Of course, the high price difference is one of the main reasons why many users choose to stay where they are, but if you are one of those who starts down this path, you will be interested in learning about these iOS features for your iPhone.

5 iOS Tricks

Endless possibilities for iPhone with iOS

Although it is true that Android is a system that is also full of interesting and customizable functions, but iOS is much more advanced in some areas and is even useful in our day to day. So it is convenient to be aware of the characteristics of your iPhone and these are some of them.

Find photos in Spotlight

Most likely, you think that the iPhone Spotlight search engine is just that, a simple search engine, but it goes beyond finding options in your device’s settings. In fact, you can search for photos from your gallery directly through it, since the Photos app is integrated into Spotlight.

Buscador Spotlight iOS iPhone

The procedure is as simple as opening Spotlight and typing a keyword related to the image. The system will show you photos based on the metadata of the image, so you only have to put a location, element or other aspect of the capture.

Customize your lock background in iOS 16

The latest version of the Apple iOS 16 system has completely revamped the lock screen interface . This means that now you can not only customize your home background, but also the background before you unlock your iPhone. Among the possibilities that the phone hides is the option to change the design of the clock along with the background image, as well as widgets that you can include inside. To do this, follow these steps:

pantalla bloqueo ios 16

  1. From the lock screen, long press on it.
  2. A series of default wallpapers will appear.
  3. Select customize or tap the “+” symbol to add a new one.
  4. In the second case, there are several designs already configured, but you can modify other parameters to your liking.

Cinematic mode for videos

We all tend to record videos with our mobile, especially when we have an iPhone where we can squeeze the camera . One of the main novelties that accompanied the iPhone 13 series has to do with this and is that the previous generation of Apple smartphones includes a cinematographic mode that guaranteed impeccable recordings.

iPhone 14 Pro

This is thanks to the fact that the application will teach you focus points and when you select one of them, the camera will follow it at all times regardless of whether it is moving. A really interesting function that will help you get some very good videos of your trips.

Crop photos in a second with iOS

Another iOS hack for iPhone also came in the latest system update. AI image cropping is perfect for editing or sharing photos, making stickers in an instant. This is because it crops an element of the capture and converts it to a PNG , that is, it removes the background of the image and leaves only the subject.

Recorte IA iOS 16 iPhone

Using this function is quite simple, since you only have to hold down on the element. Now, if you drag it to another application you will quickly turn it into a sticker, which is ideal when making memes.

Check the health of your battery

One of the things to know when buying an iPhone is that the battery usually lasts less in general terms compared to an Android mobile. Likewise, you can keep track of the status and health of your iPhone’s battery through the settings themselves.

salud Batería iPhone

If you want to check the autonomy of your smartphone, open the settings and go to the “Battery” section. Inside, select the “Battery health” section and inside you can find the maximum capacity of the battery in relation to when it was new. This means that, in the case of having bought your new second-hand iPhone , you can know if you have been deceived with the state of the battery thanks to iOS.