5 curious EMUI tricks for your Huawei

The new version of Huawei‘s customization layer in Europe has arrived in Spain through the Huawei Nova 9. EMUI is software quite different from Android , but, like the rest of the phones that have the Google operating system, it has different very interesting options.

5 curious EMUI tricks for your Huawei

These functions will work perfectly with the new release of the company, since they belong to lower versions of EMUI . So here are certain tricks to get the most out of your Huawei smartphone.

Display a sidebar

The Chinese brand software provides you with the possibility of establishing a sidebar on which you can enter some applications to obtain faster access to it.

To access this functionality, all you have to do is slide your finger from one side of the screen to the center. The address is indifferent, in this way it is better adjusted according to the user’s use.

Modify notifications

This feature is quite useful if you are one of those who have an infinity of messages in their email inbox. With it, you will leave behind that anxiety that creates seeing such high numbers of notifications.

If you enter ‘Notifications’ from the settings of your Huawei you can modify how notifications appear , either with a numerical figure or a period.

Navigate through gestures

As is customary in current customization layers, EMUI also has a bar at the bottom from which you can go back or to the home screen. However, it allows you to toggle this option with gesture navigation.

respuesta háptica vibración emui 11

This not only guarantees you more space on the screen , but also a faster and more agile scrolling speed on the smartphone. To activate this function you have to access the device settings.

Once inside, go all the way to the bottom and select ‘System and updates’. Then click on ‘System navigation’ and choose the option you prefer. Curiously, you can manage your cell phone through an alternative called ‘navigation dock’ that will work as a joystick.

Set a usage limit

Spending too much time in front of the screen is not recommended at all . This function will help you solve both these types of situations and distractions during study or work.

The option is called ‘Digital Balance’ and thanks to it you can set the time during which you can use a specific application or the terminal itself. When you come across the function in the settings you must activate ‘Time of use management’. From there you can configure the time you can use the app or set a time when you will not be able to use the phone.

Photo with screen off

On more than one occasion you have surely lost the opportunity to photograph a unique moment. In this situation, Huawei has a functionality to take an image without unlocking the device just by pressing the volume decrease button twice in a row.

emui 11 camaras y logo

To activate this interesting option, go to the ‘Accessibility functions’ section and click on ‘Shortcuts and gestures’. You will find a choice called ‘Quick Snapshot’ that you should point to.