The 5 best android apps to manage mobile contacts

Today it is very common to have a full contact list, and it is just as common not to know who a good number of them are. This happens because nowadays it is easy to add new contacts with many applications like WhatsApp, and that is something that we do not usually take into account. An “extra hand” never hurts, and that’s what contact management apps are for.

Although our phones have their own contacts application, its functions and its organization is a bit simple. Tasks like removing duplicate contacts or identifying other unknowns can be tedious. Luckily, in the app stores we have a good number of options to manage our contacts, and just below you will be able to see a selection of the best in their field.

The 5 best apps to manage mobile contacts

Cleaner – Merge Duplicate Contacts

His name does not leave much confusion. Cleaner is an application that works like a charm to be able to find all the duplicate contacts that are in your address book, and delete them with a single touch. It not only detects numbers that are registered in your address book twice, but it does the same with emails and even detects names that are similar.

App para gestionar contactos

Cleaner – Merge duplicate contacts

The interface of this application is not very elaborate, but it is very effective in finding duplicates. All you have to do is start the application, and it will automatically take care of searching among our contacts. If you don’t have too many in your agenda, it may only be a matter of seconds, and then we can choose which contacts we want to delete forever or which ones we want to merge.

Pure Contacts

This app goes way beyond detecting duplicate contacts. Pure Contacts allows us to have total control over our contacts, and just by double-clicking on one of them we will have access to several ways to do so , either through a phone call or through a message (text, WhatsApp or by Telegram).

App para gestionar contactos Pure Contacts

Pure Contacts.

The Pure Contacts interface is more elaborate than the previous application, and in fact it has a good number of options so that we can configure your experience to our liking. In fact, we have the option of putting some of our contacts as widgets on our home screen, in order to contact them just by unlocking the phone.

InTouch Contacts

Another one of those apps that can’t be missed if you want to keep an exhaustive control of your contacts. It has a caller ID that works very well, and that even allows us to mark certain numbers as “unwanted”. It will also allow us to set reminders within the app , ideal so that we don’t forget to make that important call that we were postponing.

App para gestionar contactos InTouch Contacts

InTouch Contacts.

One of the curiosities that this app offers us is that it allows us to scan business cards with the camera of our devices and convert them directly into contacts. It also has a great backup system, and not only can we keep our contacts safe, but the app records the changes we make to them to be able to go back “one step back” in case we delete a contact without want.

Easy Backup

This application is indicated for all those people who care about the integrity of their contacts, especially when changing devices. With just a couple of actions we can have a backup of our contacts, and we can transfer it very easily through a single .

App para gestionar contactos Easy Backup

Easy Backup.

If we don’t want to send the backup, Easy Backup also allows us to export our contacts through a good number of different services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. If we change our phone and install the application on the new one, we can also move our contacts from one mobile to another very quickly.


We close this list with an application that is still in the testing phase, but despite this it works quite well. CoSy comes from Contact Sync, and its function is to synchronize our Facebook contacts with our agenda , which allows us to very easily save them with their profile picture.

App para gestionar contactos CoSy


The app still has some development time left, and needs some polishing (at the moment it only allows you to sync one contact at a time), but it certainly shows great promise. To use it we just have to log in with our Facebook account and start linking.