4 ways to activate Android Auto if you go on a trip

Learn about the different ways in which you can enjoy Android Auto and all the advantages it provides you when you travel, a service with great possibilities that you can adapt according to your needs.

With driving mode

Android Auto disappears as an app on smartphones in favor of the Google Assistant driving mode, so one of the ways you have to activate Android Auto on your trips is by enabling this mode. Thus, with your voice you will be able to read and send messages, control multimedia files, make calls and more as long as you have Android 9.0 or a later version in an accepted country.

4 ways to activate Android Auto if you go on a trip

Update the driving mode settings and connect the phone to the car’s Bluetooth. Once you’ve done that, tap the notification to start driving mode. You can also keep it automatically without receiving notification in the Settings, giving ” When the device connects to the Bluetooth of a car” and start driving mode. If you want, you can say, Hey Google let’s drive (Hey Google, let’s drive).


If you enable it, your device will use movement and Bluetooth connections to know when you’re in the car and wake up automatically so you can drive without distractions. You can change the options for this mode in its settings. To be able to use it in the car with total comfort and safety, you will need a good support to carry the mobile, since of course having it in your hand would entail a fine and a great risk to your safety. The best thing is that you have the mobile connected to the car charger.

Choosing a destination on Google Maps

To turn on driving mode notifications, on your phone you’ll say Hey Google open the assistant settings. You will give Transport and then Driving Mode of the Assistant. This setting is what you will need to start this mode from Google Maps. You can also activate the driving mode in Google Maps from the settings that will appear after giving your profile image, in the Navigation settings, in Manage the driving mode.

To use Android Auto by choosing a destination on Google Maps, what you have to do is go to the Google Maps application and choose your destination (or the one you want if you are testing). Once you have selected the destination by searching for it or touching it on the map, you will hit Start and you can start using this service without needing anything else. To use the commands of the service, you can say Hey Google first or touch the microphone icon that you will find on the screen.


This is one of the simplest options that you can find to be able to use this service, although you will also need a good mobile support.

With the Android Auto app from Google Play

If you want to use Android Auto, one of the solutions you can turn to, if you already have it installed or it allows you to install it, is the app for mobile phones. You will have to search for Android Auto in your Google Play app store and once you have it you can use it. Soon it will start to disappear from mobile devices, although there are some that still have it. From Android 12 it is not possible to install it, but you will have the other possibilities of use from the driving mode.

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You have several customization options and possibilities that will help you organize your road trips much better. You just have to start it when you are interested and take advantage of everything it offers you on your journeys to avoid any distraction on the cart.

Connect the mobile to the car by cable

In order to use Android Auto you will need the Android Auto app, a phone with Android 6.0 or later, a data plan and a car compatible with the service. In addition, a high-quality USB cable should not be missing. You also have to keep in mind that some USB cables only work in certain cars, so you must make sure that this is the most suitable. You can try first with the one that comes with the phone.

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Your phone will need to be parked or completely stopped the first time it connects. With your phone’s cable handy, plug it into your car’s USB data port . It may then ask you to download the app and other related apps like Google Maps or update to a more recent version. If it doesn’t start automatically , tap the Android Auto or projection icon on the touch screen. Follow the prompts that appear to get started. When Android Auto is active, the mobile apps that you can access will be seen.