The app that tells you how much it costs to drive the car every day

We are living, in all probability, one of the hardest and most difficult times that any domestic economy can face. The prices of food, electricity and, above all, gasoline, do not seem to reach the ceiling, condemning us to a brutal loss of purchasing power.

But nothing happens, at least that seems to indicate the tranquility that exists in the streets. It seems that we all have the hope that this is something temporary and we will soon get out of this. Until that day arrives, the best thing you can do is control your expenses and, with an app like Fuelio, it’s quite simple.

app that tells you how much it costs to drive the car

Unless you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, fuel is going to influence your journey . Want to save money on your road trips? The first thing you need to know is how much that trip is going to cost you based on 3 things: the distance, the cost of gasoline and the consumption of your car.

How much does it cost you to travel?

Fuelio is a simple and easy to use Android application that brings together two of the most important features that we expect to see in an app of this nature. On the one hand, it allows you to keep track of your mileage, consumption and gasoline costs in order to save money and, on the other hand, the application will also show fuel prices and the nearest stations with updated prices in real time.

As soon as you open the app, you will be encouraged to create a profile with the vehicle data, as well as its consumption, the brand, the model and the type of fuel it uses. Thanks to this and to allowing access to the location, the main screen of the software will show you both the gas stations around you and those where the type of fuel your vehicle uses is cheaper .

fuelio app

But, without a doubt, the function that most interests us is in the calculator section. Here we can enter the distance we are going to travel on our next trip, the price of gasoline and the current consumption of the vehicle. By doing so, we will be told how much the trip will cost.

In the same way we can also set that we are told how many liters of gasoline we need to make a certain trip. Of course, we can enter and consult the price of gasoline 95 and 98 as well as the different types of Diesel that you use in your car. Of course, we must bear in mind that these prices shown by the app are without applying the discount of 20 cts per liter that the state applies during these holidays, so when entering the price of fuel, you must subtract this amount to the current figure that costs a liter in your usual gas station.

The more trips you make (for leisure, for work, for personal matters), and the more records you enter in Fuelio, the more the temporary history of the app will be filled in and you will be able to better control the resources you dedicate to using the car week by week.