4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Power Bank

Every day we carry more gadgets on. It is not only about the mobile phone, but about smart bracelets, portable consoles, tablets, e-books and much more. If we say this it is because it has become essential to have an extra life for these devices. And yes, that plus is given by a portable battery. Today we tell you 4 things to consider before buying a power bank.

Power Banks
Power Banks

The ability, first

It would be absurd to deny that the first point we should look at is the capacity of the portable battery. The more mAh, the more charge we will have for the electronic device. Batteries with a high charge are usually more expensive, but in return you make sure that you will have fewer problems when it runs out.

By the way, if a battery has 6,000 mAh and a mobile phone has a 3,000 mAh battery, this does not mean that the battery has two full smartphone charges. Here the famous volts come into play ...

See how long it takes to recharge

We usually use portable batteries when we are away on a trip. In other words, these are not going to be used when we stay at home or go for a little walk. Look well before buying a power bank how long it takes to recharge.

Think that the larger batteries have a charging time of approximately 8 hours. This, if you stop for a moment to see it, is the time we are sleeping. In other words, when you travel and go to bed, do not hesitate to let the battery charge.

Charge indicator, always

A tip that comes in handy, even if it looks like a bullshit: buy a battery that has a charge indicator. It is not necessary to indicate the exact percentage, but it is enough with one that has the typical LEDs of colors (more colors, more load).

This is essential for when we are traveling and we want to know how much cargo we will have. Think that if you do not have this indicator, the power bank leaves us lying in the middle of the field for not seeing the burden it had ...

Read user ratings

And for the last point, something that cannot be missing: read the ratings of other users. Do not look at trifles like the box or something similar, stay only with the essentials; If the battery works well.

Read the comments of those people who have made the power bank and see that everything "works." Also, find out about the warranty conditions (a portable battery is very broken).