4 Tricks to Get Paid Android Apps for Free

Surely on occasion you have seen an app that interests you, but see if it is free ... and it turns out that it is not. Payment applications are the order of the day, since, after all, it is the main element for companies to function. Now, you can get them without spending a single hard with several tricks. We tell you how to download paid apps for free on Android.

Google Opinion Rewards

We start with the first method: Google Opinion Rewards. This name hides a very simple way to earn money on Google, money that we will later invest in the Google Play Store itself.

Google Opinion Rewards is an application that can be downloaded from the store for free. The only requirement is to answer the surveys that appear on the screen and the search engine will give us an amount that will be stored in the wallet. The more surveys conducted, the more money. Of course, Google marks the times, since the idea is to value the products they are launching.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

The best? The amount earned can be spent on anything in the digital store, from movies to those applications.


Right now, you will be thinking “what does a forum like Reddit paint here”. Quiet, there is trick again. The popular platform has a subforum dedicated solely and exclusively to Android applications.

The users that integrate this section are dedicated to look for offers of the payment applications, as well as the promotional periods in which these are free. It is a perfect way to download paid apps without many headaches.

Beta Testing Catalog

We have spoken on occasion of the beta phase applications found in the Google Play Store; nevertheless, it is always good to recover this point so that it is not lost in oblivion.

Through Beta Testing Catalog we can see all the applications that are available in beta status. Many of them will be paid over time, so if you download them before that happens ... then you take the prize! If you download the following app you will be informed about all of them.

AppsFree - Paid apps free for a limited time

We will close with AppFree, an application very similar to what is done in the Reddit forum. This tool collects in a wide list all the applications that lower prices or get discounts. However, the key is not so much that the app gives you a prefabricated list, but that you look for the ones you like and follow them up, just as if it were an Amazon product. Easy and direct.