3 things that cannot be missing in your new mobile (from €100 to €900)

3 things that cannot be missing in your new mobile

Choosing a mobile is not a simple task at all, since it must be done according to our personal and economic preferences, which opens the doors to a greater range of possibilities. That is why we have made this guide with the three essential features that your next smartphone should have depending on its price range.

The market is full of all kinds of options and finding the right alternative is complicated if your knowledge is not advanced. So with these three essential things, your search will become more specific and it will be easier for you to choose the best phone possible.

Cell phones from 100 to 200 euros

xiaomi redmi 10 oferta 150 euros amazon

Entry-level mobiles do not have beastly specifications , although today it is increasingly common to find great proposals at low prices. However, you do not have to become exquisite and in this fragment you have to look yes or yes for the following:

  • Great battery: not enjoying excessive power, it is important to have autonomy to spare and in cases that are between 100 and 200 euros it is quite easy to have a 5,000 mAh battery.
  • AMOLED screen: this type of panel allows the user to visualize the image with much more vivid colors , which is excellent for the reproduction of content.
  • 90 Hz refresh rate: if by any chance you don’t have an AMOLED screen, perhaps the manufacturer is betting on greater fluidity for animations. An interesting quality to navigate in a pleasant way.

Cell phones from 200 to 300 euros

As we increase the price we are finding much more varied and tempting options . The search here begins to be much more complicated, but taking into account the following characteristics, it will be easier for you to choose the best smartphone:

poco x4 pro 5g azul

  • Processor for everything : at this point, a processor with the capacity to carry out any activity is essential, even if it is not with the best conditions.
  • 33W Fast Charge – Getting your battery ready as soon as possible is very important in today’s hectic world. A large part of the mobiles that move for this price boast a fast charge to reach 100% in about 45 minutes .
  • Good storage capacity : if you buy a terminal between 200 and 300 euros, it is quite likely that you will download all kinds of applications . In this sense, it is important to have at least 128 GB of internal memory.

Phones from 300 to 500 euros

Here we are already beginning to find smartphones that boast optimal overall performance. So we already have essential features in advance, such as an AMOLED screen or a good battery, so it’s time to look for other necessary properties for a phone within this range:

Trasera del smartphone Samsung Galaxy A53

  • 5G : 5G connectivity is an essential requirement today, especially in devices that exceed 300 euros. This feature will allow you to browse the Internet at full speed , although only if your operator allows it.
  • Power to spare : at this point it is essential that the processor displays remarkable performance to open applications, however demanding they may be, without suffering slowdowns.
  • Fast charge of 67W minimum : in the same way as the previous case, it is important to have a tireless battery at all times. Betting on a 67W fast charge ensures you reach maximum energy in half an hour .

Mobile phones from 500 to 700 euros

The mid-high range of terminals has very good general specifications , but that is not why you should trust them. In the search for your next phone, these three characteristics cannot be missing:


  • Impressive photos : Finding cameras that take good photos in any setting is practically impossible for less than 500 euros. However, once we reach this figure it becomes much easier to have a set of sensors that offer great results.
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos compatibility : all mobiles around this price have an AMOLED screen of any type and for this reason you have to look further. Dolby Vision and Atmos technology serve to enhance visual quality and sound , respectively, to ensure a cinematic experience.
  • 120 Hz : it is vital that our next smartphone has a 120 Hz screen. This is a common quality in this segment, but there are cases like the Google Pixel 6 where it is inadmissible not to have such significant fluidity on the screen to better enjoy the content .

Smartphones over 700 euros

For more than 700 euros, practically all devices boast exceptional performance , but there are some exceptions. That is why we need our future purchase to meet these requirements:

iPhone 14

  • Perfect performance : you must have one of the best processors of the moment so that the loading screens are non-existent ; at the same time that you can play any title with the best possible graphic settings.
  • The best cameras : All high-end smartphones boast excellent photos regardless of lighting conditions. However, there are better alternatives than others and since you are going to spend so much money, ideally they should be one of the top cameras.
  • Lots of RAM : Chances are you’ll get the most out of multitasking with this device, whether it’s for editing, working, or any other activity. For this reason, it is important that you have at least 8 GB of RAM.