5 Tricks to Be a Good Twitch Streamer

Twitch has long since ceased to be the novelty to become the hegemonic platform when it comes to streamings. In a short time, Amazon’s service swiped the position on YouTube, but this was not a matter of luck: it was about giving the content creator himself by offering dozens of options. If today you want to know a little more about them, we tell you 5 tricks to be a good streamer on Twitch.

Twitch Streaming
Twitch Streaming

Moderate your community

The first point is simple. As you make more and more broadcasts, your community will grow gradually. This means that there will come a time where you will have dozens of people watching your streamings without any control. Before that happens, remember to moderate your emissions by assigning permits to certain people. These will be your right hand within Twitch, that is, they will be responsible for moderating the comments that are left.

Offers advantages

If you want a user to trust your content and give you a subscription or some bits, the ideal is that in return you also give them “something”. Gifts on platforms such as Twitch are symbolic, but you can, for example, have that person access an exclusive Discord chat to talk with you or other subscribers, receive a package of emoticons to use in their day-to-day life, some code promotional for discounts on video games … Have creativity, it is up to you to come more or less people to the channel.

Make periodic content

Being a good streamer happens to strengthen an audience. If you want to broadcast and make this more than just a hobby, don’t forget to publish periodic content. In this way, our advice is that you prepare a broadcast schedule so that your community is up to date when you broadcast.

For example, you’re welcome streaming on a Thursday at 12 p.m., and don’t do it again until Friday of the following week at 10 a.m. If you keep a schedule you will get people to know when you are online. In addition, it is also good to program what content you are going to offer.

Take advantage of trends

We were just talking at the end of the previous section about the importance of the content offered. In this sense, you are free to stream everything you want, but keep in mind one thing: take advantage of the trends to take advantage of it.

If you stream a video game that is on the rise, the chances of being found are higher than if you play one that is not known as much. Take advantage of the “Trending Topic”.

And be original

One may think that “how will I be original if I play the same as all people”. Error. Great streamers are characterized precisely by knowing how to integrate their own method into the fashion game. Some use chromes, others throw very varied transitions, they bet on playing with music, etc. Originality is not at odds with fashion.