10 exclusive Windows 11 functions you should try

Microsoft has set a goal for 2023 to encourage most users to switch to Windows 11 from previous versions of the system. If you have recently made the transition or plan to do so soon, it is worth exploring the following functions.

Opinions on this version of the Microsoft system are divided, with some considering it a step back from Windows 10, while others are pleased with its appearance and functionality. Nevertheless, the software giant is determined to persuade as many users as possible to upgrade to and use Windows 11.

Therefore, whether you are a new user of this operating system or plan to migrate soon, we will discuss a set of features that you will surely appreciate. These tools offered by Windows 11 enable you to maximize the benefits of the operating system and convince those who are uncertain to migrate as soon as possible.


Windows 11 features you can’t miss

  • Improve application organization: Windows has always been known for its ability to adjust windows, and Windows 11 enhances this feature with Snap Layouts. By hovering over the maximize button, users can see the various available layouts.
  • Maximize desktop usage: Windows 11 introduces a new button on the taskbar for managing desktops, allowing for easy creation, organization, and management of multiple desktops. Users can access these desktops by hovering the mouse over the icon.
  • Utilize widgets: The new version of Windows brings back widgets, a feature that was absent in Windows 8 and 10. This allows users to quickly and visually obtain various types of information.
  • Restore the traditional Start menu: If you prefer the original Start Menu location in Windows, you can restore it to its original position on the taskbar.

start menu

  • Utilize Teams: Over the last few months, the popularity of this video conferencing app has skyrocketed. Windows 11 comes with it pre-installed for your convenience.
  • Audio enhancements: Windows 11 gives you greater control over your computer’s sound settings, thanks to various features accessible through the Settings app.

sound windows 11

  • Enhance your focus: With Windows 11, you can activate a useful feature to improve your concentration. This feature can be found in the Alarms and Clock application and allows you to use the Pomodoro technique.
  • Monitor your laptop battery: The new version of the operating system includes an advanced and accurate interface for displaying your laptop battery status.
  • Control your device with your voice: Windows 11 allows you to use your voice in various tasks with the Win + H key combination, which opens the dictation function panel.

Windows dictation

  • You can open multiple instances of the same application in Windows 11 by simply clicking on the icon with the mouse wheel. This allows you to easily have several sessions of the same application running simultaneously.