YouTube will become 'the new television' for mobile phones

With YouTube‘s new ad-supported streaming service, you’ll be able to watch TV for free from your mobile just by watching a few ads. Among the content that will be offered you will find TV shows, movies and free channels.

YouTube would be testing this new ad-supported streaming service through which you will be able to watch all this content without having to pay anything. A YouTube spokeswoman confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that the company is running a small experiment with a few viewers, allowing them to watch ad-supported channels for free.

YouTube will become 'the new television' for mobile phones

For this, it would be in negotiations with entertainment companies to test this concept with the lucky users who will enjoy this service that is still in a very initial phase. For now, they are all tests, so we will have to see how they progress to see in what conditions they will reach all users and what they offer us, if they finally decide to launch it.

What is this free service?

YouTube’s proposal is similar to other entertainment offers on the market, such as Pluto TV, which offers live and on-demand streaming of television channels, movies, series and other content, without having to pay anything for any of them.

Add to that companies like Vizio and Roku, which have TVs for sale that offer similar streaming services, though they make more from advertising and subscription fees than they do from selling hardware. YouTube is willing to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ and offer free content to earn more revenue from advertising.

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Although many viewers have switched to paid services for the greater entertainment offer and moving away from advertisements, there are many well-known services that have backed down to recover advertisements in exchange for a lower or free cost.

Right now, several companies have switched to advertising-supported streaming or television services, including HBO Max and Netflix itself . YouTube will follow the path to also reach those people who do not want to pay for a subscription or who are not as interested in their service if they have to pay for it, but are attracted by the free.

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Google seeks to diversify its sources of income, and this is a good idea for it. YouTube is reportedly working with Lionsgate and A&E. YouTube recently signed a deal with NFL Sunday Ticket , and starting with the 2023-2024 season, games will air on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels.

It could come to YouTube TV

The company currently has close to 5 million subscribers and its YouTube TV service offers more than 100 television channels. In Spain it is less known and much more limited. It could market the free ad-supported service under the YouTube TV brand. We do not know what channels there will be or how many there will be, for now it is unknown until the testing phase progresses further.

We also do not know if it will work or not, so we will soon know if it is a successful measure and if it finally reaches all users so that we can test it. The company’s plans happen because it arrives before the end of the year. How about?