What is YourPhone.exe Process – How to Disable and Remove it

In these times, the mobile phone has become a fundamental tool in our lives, practically considered a true pocket computer. With it we can perform all kinds of tasks, which we may be interested in passing to our computer. For this, Windows has the Your Phone application, which is in charge of executing the YourPhone.exe process, about which we are going to talk to you today.

So that we can link our mobile phone with our Windows computer we have different ways. One of the most useful is through the Your Phone application. Likewise, we may not be interested in having this option activated or we simply want to eliminate it from our computer, so we are also going to see how we can do it through a few simple steps.

What is YourPhone.exe Process

What is the YourPhone.exe process in Windows 10

YourPhone.exe is the execution file of the UWP application of Your Phone developed by Microsoft that is installed by default in Windows 10. This program will allow us to access our Android and iOS mobile from the PC wirelessly, for so we will not need to use any type of cable. Thus, this software will allow us to synchronize both devices and thus be able to make calls from the computer. We can also read and send SMS, access our mobile applications and even send images quickly to the computer.

In the case of going to the Windows 10 Task Manager, it is likely that we have seen YourPhone within the open processes, which is not something that should worry us. And the thing is that Your Phone application needs to have the YourPhone.exe process activated at all times so that it can send any notification from the mobile phone to the PC desktop. To always get the best experience when we use the application, the process always runs in the background.

Proceso YourPhone en el Administrador de Tareas

In the event that we are not interested in having this process open or installed on our computer, there are different ways to make it disappear.

Is the YourPhone.exe process safe or could it be a virus?

As we have commented previously, the YourPhone.exe process is part of a legitimate process of the Your Phone application integrated by Microsoft by default in Windows 10, so we are talking about a totally safe process . In some cases, it may be that there are viruses or malware that can adopt the name of YourPhone.exe to stay and run on our computer, so when in doubt, it is always best to run and scan our antivirus or antimalware to check that everything work properly

Why should you disable or kill the YourPhone.exe process

If we are users who like to be able to link our smartphone with the computer, we may be interested in using the Your Phone application to synchronize both devices wirelessly. In the event that we are not interested in using it, we can always deactivate it or eliminate it completely. By always running in the background it is wasting RAM, so if we are not going to use it, it is never too much to do without it, especially if we have performance problems and we want to clean up applications that are useless to us.

How to disable the YourPhone.exe process in the background

If we want to prevent the YourPhone.exe process from running in the background, we can deactivate it, temporarily or permanently depending on our interests.


If we want to deactivate the application temporarily, we will use the search box from the Start menu. There we are going to write “Your Phone”. Once located, click on it with the right button and choose the option “Application settings”.

Tu Teléfono Configuración de la aplicación

Next, a window will open where we must go to the “Finish” section and click on the button. This will immediately terminate the application and all its related processes. We can verify this by accessing the Task Manager and verify that the YourPhone.exe process is no longer in the list.

Tu Telefono finalizar la aplicación


If we do not want the YourPhone.exe process to be activated in the background, we can deactivate it permanently in a few simple steps. To do this, the first thing to do will be to access the “Settings” section of Windows 10. This is something we will do through the keyboard shortcut “Windows + i”.

Configuración y Privacidad

Once the Settings screen appears, we must select the “Privacy” section. Once inside, in the left column we must scroll to the “Background applications” section. We will see how all the installed programs that are running in the background appear on the right side. If we move we will find the “Your Phone” application. We only have to click on the blue button to show it as “Deactivated”.

Configuración y Aplicaciones en segundo plano

Once we have carried out this action, the YourPhone.exe process will no longer run in the background and will disappear from the open processes within the Task Manager. In the event that this is not enough for us, we also have the possibility to remove it completely.

How to kill the YourPhone.exe process

In the event that disabling the application is not enough, we can also choose to delete it completely. For this we are going to use the PowerShell command that is included in Windows 10. It is a command line utility presented as an improved and advanced version of the traditional Command Prompt (CMD) from which we will be able to completely eliminate both the application of Your Phone as the process YourPhone.exe definitively of our PC.

For this we are going to go to the search bar of the Start menu where we will write Windows PowerShell. In the next screen we must click on the option to Run as Administrator.

Ejecutar PowerShell como Administrador

Once the Windows PowerShell window appears, we must write the following command and then press Enter.

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

Eliminar proceso YourPhone desde PowerShell

Once we have executed this command, the Your Phone application will have been completely removed from our PC, and we will no longer see the YourPhone.exe process running in the background.

How we can reinstall the Your Phone app

In the event that we have deleted the Your Phone application by mistake, we should not worry, since it is possible to reinstall it again. The program is available in the Microsoft Store, so you only need to click on the following link to reinstall it. Once this is done, the application will be available again and the YourPhone.exe process will appear again within the Task Manager.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

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