Your phone charges so slowly because you don't follow these steps

The fact that your mobile charges never seem to end can be due to many things. You may be running out of battery life or about to fill up and you have already reduced the power charge. It could also be that you have bought a new mobile that does not have fast charging or that does not have as much charging power.

But most likely you are not following the proper steps so that it loads as well as it should. Therefore, I am going to tell you what are the main reasons why your smartphone does not charge so fast and what you can do to remedy it.

Your phone charges so slowly

These are the steps that you must follow so that your mobile is available much sooner, you may fail in one of them and that is where the problem lies.

Use the official charger

You may not be using an official or good quality charger, so the charge is less than the maximum that the mobile supports . Even if your charger is good, it may not be as good as the original one for your phone.

Likewise, there are chargers that may say that they have a certain power when in reality they do not, and others may have less power than the fast charging of the mobile or are not compatible with the fast charging system to which you have become accustomed.

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If you just bought a new charger , this may be the problem. The same if you are using one that was at home or someone else’s instead of the one you usually use.

If you use the usual one, check that it is fine, that the cable is not broken or in poor condition, or that you have changed the cable for one that does not offer you the same charging experience. Also look if the connector of your phone is dirty or deteriorated.

Choosing a suitable socket

It may be that you are charging the mobile in another socket that does not have as much power. Although you think that they should all have the same power or work the same, this is not always the case. Therefore, try to connect it in another place, like a new socket in the same room, another room, etc.

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If you are using a wireless charger or have decided to charge it in the car , you may realize that it is extremely slow to the point that you think it will never charge. It is better to wait until you can do it directly on the wall or even opt for an external battery that offers you a good charging experience.

Have fast charging enabled

Even if your mobile comes with fast charging, it may be disabled and this is the fault. In some models it does not come by default , so you will have to be the one to activate it so that you can enjoy the maximum charging speed. You can find it in the battery settings.

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Also look at the charging settings of your mobile to make sure that you do not have the intelligent charging system activated, which affects you at certain specific times to increase the useful life of your battery.

Stop using it while charging

Not leaving the phone and using it while it is charging may be the reason why it charges so slowly because you are consuming power and making it difficult for it to work. If you can also turn it off or put the airplane mode it would be perfect.